Plinky Prompts ~

I forgot I signed up for this thing called Plinky, which I don’t really use, but today I got an e-mail asking me to answer all the prompts from last week. They are decent questions, so from now on I guess if I keep getting emails from them I’ll answer new ones whenever they send some to me on here :) So, here are my answers. 

1) If you could get away with committing one crime, what would you do?

       I honestly have no idea. I really don’t want to commit a crime, even if I could get away w/ it ;p (^__^ I know I’m boring)

2) What do you worry about?

     I seriously worry about everything :( I worry about grades, my fam & friends, the milk expiration date, when my glitter pens will run out of ink, how many tissues I need to bring, whether or not my flowers will grow this year, etc. I tend to over think things too much :)

3) Do you think money can buy happiness?

Hm. Well, my real answer is that yes, I think money can buy happiness. But I’m not talking about a new video game, or splurging on iPods & game systems, I’m talking about things that you need to survive that money can buy. An example is a house to keep you sheltered, insurance for when you get sick, & of course food (to live!!) & education (which will benefit you later on in life.) If you don’t have money, I doubt you could  buy any of those things for yourself (not including assistance) & I think you need those to be happy. Well, at least, I would need those to be happy :p But if you’re really a trooper, and you’re an optimistic, I guess you can go on without that stuff. And of course, family’s really important too, you don’t need money for that :) 

4) Do you feel obligated to finish all the books you start reading?

Um, judging by all the unfinished books on my bookshelf, I guess no :) Because I am a “sort-of writer,” naturally I want don’t want an author’s hard work & dedication to go to waste. But then I realize if I’m not interested in the book, then it’s just not for me to read at that time. So no, I don’t really feel obligated to finish a book.

5) You just acquired a magic wand. What will you use it for? 

Opening locks. Alohamora. Summoning objects. Accio french fry ;) Levitating objects. Wingardium Levisoa! Creating light. Lumos! Erasing people’s memories! Obliviate! And of course.. killing people! Advada Kadarva! (jk on that one)


6) What form of exercise do you like most? 

     Um, I don’t really like exercising in general :( But if I had to choose, I would pick jumproping & playing v-ball.

7) What’s your favorite summertime sound? 

      I really enjoy hearing the crickets chirp at night. It’s like a beautiful symphony, each individual cricket is using its voice to create an overall pleasing melody. I’m kidding. I really detest bugs, & just hearing them chirp makes me think of all the ones I can’t see but are crawling around at that very moment :( My real fav summertime sound is .. the ice cream truck! I love the ice cream truck tune, it’s cute & it screams summer :)

I guess that’s all for now! & before you go, please vote on this poll :) Even if you already voted, that’s ok, vote again! I really would prefer you to choose just one answer, so I can really narrow it down :)

Okey-dokey~ I’m probably not going to post tomorrow, because I’ll be out all day WATCHING THE HARRY POTTER PREMIERE :) (sorry, I’m excited..) & other stuff of course. Oh yes! I also got a pretty new journal yesterday :) 

It’s so pwetty :) I also like it because it has no spiral, which makes things so much easier ’cause imma lefty ;) Have a good one :)



If you understand this picture, then you’re cool :) This makes you 20x cooler/nicer/cuter/more adorable /funnier Cam! ♥



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