Featuring: Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Good day everyone! I’m back to post about my Disney World experience – and for the next park, I have my 3rd favorite – HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!

HW Studios was fun filled park with a mix of rides, shows, and tours.  It was great because I could go on  rides and then settle down with a character show or a drawing class. Here are some of my park favorites!


TOWER OF TERROR: Creepy! This ride was a pretty crazy one – much like Six Flag’s Superman – but not as intense.  The ride takes place in an old, shabby looking hotel (you’ll get to see the hotel while waiting in line) that has a story behind it – the elevator dropped several years ago and many died.  As I traveled up the elevator all I could think of was: “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” It really wasn’t that scary, but the music, the ghosts, and an overactive imagination made it all too real for me! Before going on the ride, you actually enter a small room with, I don’t know- a couple of talking busts and a creepy chandelier here and there.

ROCK N’ ROLL ROLLERCOASTER FT. AEROSMITH:  This ride was a lot more intense than I imagined! Although I can’t remember the “ride” ride very well (maybe because my eyes were glued shut) I did NOT except it to go upside down!!

You see, I carried around a string backpack with all the important stuff around all the parks, but I nearly lost that bag on this ride!! While the rest of the people were screaming, I was struggling to keep the bag still with my feet – and at one point, I saw my bag floating around where my head was supposed to be!! Thankfully, my bag didn’t fly off into the bowels of a roller coaster by the end of the ride!! (That would be horrible too, in case it fell on someone’s head.. oops!!)


Although those rides were amazing, the real beauty of this park were the shows!!

One of the first things we did was the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. It wayyyyyyy exceeded my expectations!! I seriously felt like a mermaid myself.  The sitting area was turning into the ocean with bubbles, water lights, and .. it’s just too spectacular to explain!! The opening song brought me to tears, and the show hadn’t even started yet! The actors were great, the lights were amazing – the stage was filled with smoke, water, bubbles – and at one point it even rained on the stage! It was a very pure, feel good show that made my heart melt for Ariel. (cheesy, right?! That’s what Disney does to you)

My mind was blown after watching the Beauty & the Beast show, which just happened to have the best actors and  the best songs, the Indiana Jones show, which had me cheering for Indiana himself, & the Extreme Stunt show, which featured Lightning McQueen (aww!) & a bunch of cars chasing each other! (Tokyo Drift!) My dad REALLY liked that one.

We also did the American Idol experience, which was when they hold auditions for the park guests – the winner gets a fast pass to the front of the line at any (real) American Idol audition. The stage was /gtjhmre;iybaq[yqme7q.  It was like a real American Idol show, complete with a sassy British judge, an overexcited superwoman, and of course, a Randy impersonator. (Yo, dawg!)

After One Man’s Dream, (an exhibit about Walt D) we did my favorite! A drawing class taught by a Disney animator himself! (Or maybe it was just someone who was an excellent drawer :p)  We were given paper and a back light with a pencil.  Most unfortunately, we were NOT given an eraser, my trusty steed when it comes to drawing.

We drew Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. This is what the instructor’s looked like: (not my picture, lol)

How to Draw Tinkerbell

And here’s how mine came out:

When they turned on the lights .. “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!” It looked better in the dark.

Lastly, (I wanted to save this for last b/c this was the best part)

is…. -drumroll, please-


Fantasmic = Fantastic. Aha.

We got the worst seats possible. On the other hand, we were so late we didn’t even GET seats! :( But it was beautiful nevertheless.  They only play Fantasmic when it’s dark, so you can gawk at the lights better.

There was a great stage with AMAZING props and dragons and magic and Mickey! The audience sometimes got wet because although it was a show, they replayed clips from Fantasia not on a projector or a wall, but on a wall of WATER. I mean, who does that?!  There was a ring of water surrounding the ginormous stage – and after the show was done, Disney music played & floats with all the princesses and princes waving majestically at the audience.  While this was going on, there were lights everywhere, and Mickey Mouse disappears in a poof of smoke from the bottom, to on top of the set’s mountain, 50 ft in the air! Seeing Mickey dancing on top, waving his wand, the Disney music playing in the background and all the characters I’ve seen on TV so many years ago made me burst into tears.

It wasn’t lady like Little Mermaid tears, they were gigantic monster truck tears that came in quantities of Niagara Falls.  It was so .. magical. It felt like a million butterflies in my chest and I haven’t felt so incredibly happy or safe since. Fantasmic is a must! And in between those tears, even being in the very very back where only the wild creatures live, I shouted out, “I LOVE YOU ALADDIN!” in my about-to-be-kidnapped voice.  And I PROMISE you, I can almost guarantee he looked straight at me & blew me a kiss! (see post below for my a.w.k.w.a.r.d. conversation with him)

Life goal #15 : Be noticed by favorite Disney character.. check!


Hollywood Studios cannot be beat. It’s right up THERE on the list of eternal happiness with the glorious Magic Kingdom. I left the park with near bleeding feet, 100 lbs of sleepiness on my shoulders, my body shriveling from the heat – but with a smile on my face.  Because that’s just what Disney does to you.

kezi :)

9-11 Tribute


It was Cailyn’s birthday, though I had to start off the day as I normally would. Drop off Cailyn at my sister’s apartment, take the subway from Queens to lower Manhattan and then grab a quick coffee before heading to the office.

“But daddy, it’s my birthday,” she had said with her big green eyes when we were in front of Vicky’s apartment complex. It was a beautiful day, moderate in weather & the leaves on the leaves were turning colors, slowly.

“I know, sweetheart, I’m sorry but I couldn’t get off from work today.” I wanted nothing more than to spend the day with my 2 year old daughter but I had a presentation to do and I knew she would be in good hands at Vicky’s.

Cailyn just looked at her new pink shoes and frowned. “But what about Mommy?”

“Mommy’s coming home today, remember? When I pick you up from Aunt Vicky’s she’ll be with me, I promise. Isn’t that exciting?” She smiled and threw her arms around my leg. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, Cailyn.”

Cailyn was adopted. She came into Sharon and I’s life when she was only a few months old. And let me tell you, Cailyn was the light of our lives. She had always been a happy baby and I loved my daughter more than anything I could ever imagine. It pulled at my heartstrings to know that today her mother wouldn’t be here to celebrate the day and I wouldn’t either.

Sharon was flying in from Colorado. Her flight was scheduled to arrive at the airport at 9 in the evening. We both agreed to pick up Cailyn a bit later than usual so she could see her mother right away.

I was turning into the subway station, about to take the route I always toke to work. But I realized immediately something was wrong. The air was full of tension. Several people were in tears, and other had just stopped whatever they were doing and prayed. Reluctantly I boarded the subway – I couldn’t think of anything but of the fact that I was late for work. I was called in at 8:00 but now it was almost 9. I had spent the hour taking Cailyn for a small birthday breakfast before dropping her off at Vicky’s.

As the subway started to move, I noticed several people were on their phones and many people were swiping at their eyes. I leaned over the man beside me, who was wearing a sleek black business suit but despite his professional, no-nonsense demeanor, his eyes were puffy.

“Excuse me sir, but could you please tell me what’s going on?”

He looked at me with eyes so filled with heartbreak that I prepared myself for the worst.
“Son, did you not hear? The North tower of the World Trade Center was hit, and as we speak, thousands of people are dying.”

But although I prepared myself for the worst, nothing could’ve prepared me for this.

“Hit? Hit by what?”

“Hit by a plane. It hit the all the top floors. The people were probably never able to escape, with their offices so high.”

“Thank you sir, I appreciate it.”

I put my head in my hands, not sure what to do. I was shocked and confused. My office was on the 83rd floor. I thought of all the people I knew that worked there – my friends, my co workers, my boss. The man that pushed the buttons on the elevator. The secretary, the front desk clerk. The janitor, the interns – heck – there could’ve been children in the building. Children visiting their fathers or their mothers. Children just going to visit their parents, not even knowing…  My mind switched back to my daughter. If I had gone to work at my regular time today, Cailyn would not have a father.

The subway halted at my stop, and as I walked out, the business man I had talked to said, “God bless you.”

I gave him a polite nod and braced myself to see what disaster lay ahead of me. Immediately thick smoke slithered into my lungs and crowded my vision.

Once my eyes focused, what I saw made everything go fuzzy and it seems as though everything happened in slow motion. Both towers, now, were engulfed in flames, one with a plane jutting from the top of the building. Papers, documents and clothing fell from the sky as if it were raining. Broken glass, wood, shoes and countless other things littered the streets of Manhattan. But despite the shouts of the firemen yelling orders, or the alarms blaring in the distance or the crackling of the flames nearby, the loudest sound of all were the people. Hundreds of people were wailing or crying, all at once like a big, depressing symphony.

My ears were muting everything slightly – as if they were filled with water. It was only until later that I heard shouting, directed to me this time.

“WALKMAN!” Screamed a voice.


I swiveled around at the sound of my last name. I was relieved to see Ted Kingsley, one of my co-workers who worked on the 15th floor, was limping towards me, sweat dripping everywhere, clothes tattered and blood mixed with soot on his forehead.

He choked out the four words that changed my life.

“I have a message.”

“From whom?”

But he didn’t answer. Instead, he fished his hand into his pocket and pulled out a partly scorched folded up piece of paper. While eyeing him fearfully, I unfolded the piece of paper. It was a note filled with my wife’s curly but skinny cursive handwriting.


I took a flight home early to see you. I wanted to be there for Cailyn’s birthday. I missed you & her so much while I was gone. This note is just to inform you that I went up to see Harvey’s wife b/c I brought something back. Come up to see me when you arrive, will you? Remem – “

What is it?! What did you want me to remember?! Inside I was screaming. My world had been taken away from me. All I could focus on was Sharon. Sharon, who had came home early to surprise Cailyn. Sharon, who visited Diane, who worked on the top floor. And the planes. The planes that crashed into the towers.

It seemed that in this whole mess, people were only trying to get away from the towers, and I was the only one trying to go towards it. Gingerly I folded the note safely into my pocket. No way was I going to lose her. I ran, faster than a 37 year old man should have been able to run, to the north tower.

I didn’t care about the people who were shouting at me, or the firemen who were trying to stop me. I wanted to go into that building and climb to the top floor and see my wife. I wanted to take her home and pick up Cailyn and go out to eat, just like we used to. I wanted everything to be ok. The firemen around me were struggling to hold me back.

Then I felt a blow to my face. A firewoman in full uniform took me by the shoulders and looked me straight in the eye.

“Sir. You cannot go into that building. I’m sorry if someone you know was killed,” at the next part her voice broke. “Go home, go home to safety. Go to your kids.”

And I did. I went home. I walked all the way back to Vicky’s house, just for the fact that there was nothing else I could do.

Standing on the doorsteps, waiting for Vicky to answer the door and thinking about how to break the news to my child – was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life.

Vicky opened the door, and I handed Sharon’s note to her. She broke down in tears and sat collapsed on the couch.

Cailyn wobbled over to me, and I picked her up. “Daddy! Daddy, you’re home.”

The world went fuzzy again. “Yes, yes, sweetheart. I’m home. I’m here.”

“But where’s Mommy?”

“Mommy . . . isn’t here right now.”

“Where is she?” She stuck her thumb in her mouth.

“She’s gone, sweetheart.” After saying those words, I felt as if someone shot me in the heart. It sounded too official, too quick and too odd in my mouth to be real. Sharon had not died quickly. She was trapped inside a building with no way out with smoke and fire and fumes everywhere. My wife was dead. It sounded too horrible to be true.

“But you promised Daddy! You promised she be home!”

I set her down on the couch, and put my face in my hands. I felt Cailyn’s little hand slip into mine.

“It’s ok, Daddy. Don’t cry.”

At that moment, looking at my beautiful daughter, with her soft green dress, blonde, wispy hair in pigtails, and big emerald eyes – I realized maybe everything will be ok. Maybe everything will be fine after all.

 10 years later

“Cailyn, you’re up next,” said my teacher, Ms. Francy.

Normally I would be nervous, speaking in front of the whole class, but today I wasn’t, not even a drop of anxiety in me at all.

I pulled out my essay and started reading.

“What is a hero, really? A hero is someone that is loyal, someone that is brave, and someone that grows up to be an amazing person. Today we commemorate the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the tragedy of 9-11.

Hundreds of lives were lost, and although we see their deaths all as one, we must look at them individually because the death of every person who was lost that day affected many, many people. These heroes that died never got a chance to live out their lives fully, and many of them never got to say goodbye. Maybe their last words were spoken over the phone, or by email, or passed along by a note.  But the tragedy of this situation was that most of those last words were not tailored to say goodbye. Most of them were probably, “Pick up the mail,” or “Go to bed early,” or even, “I hate you.”

Any one of these people could’ve been the President of the US, or a teacher, or a fireman or woman, or part of the police force. Any one of them could’ve dedicated their lives to serving other people. Any one of them could have been a mother, or a father. It saddens me to know that innocent people were killed and that their parents, children, friends, and family are all still mourning because of their deaths.  But today, as we mourn over this ordeal, each and every one of us should know that these people are heroes.

My hat goes off to those who sacrificed their lives for others, and for those that risked theirs to save this country.

Ten years ago today my mother sacrificed herself to see me on my 2nd birthday. Although I only knew her for two years, she is the bravest person I know.

Ten years ago today everything changed, but our nation grew closer. On that day everybody became one, and they only had one mindset – terrorists had attacked our country. On that day enemies became allies. We all worked together, as a nation, to rebuild the ruins of our country and put them back together. Today, we are stronger than ever. Through the darkness we pinpointed light. And I have to say that I am very proud of our country. I am very proud of the heroes lost, but most of all, I am proud of my father and mother.”


Hi everyone :) I hope you enjoyed my 9-11 tribute. I thought the least I could do today was to commemorate the lives lost ten years ago by writing a short story. I hope we can all pause a moment and think about all the lives lost this day, 10 years ago.

I actually have a story of my own. My cousin Erika used to work at the Twin Towers, and she was scheduled in for work that day. Thankfully, her alarm clock didn’t go off and she didn’t wake up until after the planes crashed into the towers. Things like that don’t happen coincidentally – I’m glad God decided to spare her life that day! I hope this short story will help you see how important this was. That’s all for now! Thank you for reading and may God bless you!


She was wearing neon colored leg warmers and cowboy boots, with a super high pony tail tied up in a flower elastic headband. She was wearing a long owl necklace with a bright yellow clock face where the tummy was supposed to be, and a electric blue vest over an orange long sleeve sweater. She had some dirt smudged on her face and candy pink lips that were always curled into a smile. I fell in love with her instantly.

(hint, hint! the girl above may be a future character for Film!)


To tone it down a bit, here’s Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes!! :) My friend ‘Churro’ (lol) and I love Jack Johnson! She’s crazy about him :) This was the very first song I heard from him, and I really liked it because of the title (PANCAKES ARE MY LOVE) and it’s a great song too! Hope you enjoy it! :)

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Today’s Retreat: Reflection ~

Hey guys! Wow, today was such a great day! Our grade had a retreat, all day, (no classes) at the gym of the neighboring church. My goodness, it was really fun & inspiring. We made play-doh monsters, skits, lectures, FREE FOOD, piggy-back races, races with the interns & basically, when we weren’t in the middle of an activity or lecture, we were partying :) Everyone was running around, dancing on chairs & spinning around & getting dizzy. (that’s what I did ^_^)

I had the time of my life. And I’m going to talk to you about the lectures we received on a serious note. They were really very inspiring, especially if you’re a Catholic or Christian. If you aren’t, well, just stick around, it’s still pretty interesting anyways :)

The woman that spoke with us was named Monica. And she talked to us in more detail about the Theology of the Body, a speech written by Pope John Paul, one of our previous popes. And it finally hit me – everything my life stands for, everything I stand for, & what it all means. Here’s my reflection, that I think every person should make count in their life.

I realized today, that someday we are going to stop breathing. We will depart from this world. And it’s scary, I know. I believe as a Catholic that when we die, we will all be taken up to Heaven. And our life is what determines where we will go – Heaven, or Hell. And I realized that every little thing we do is watched by God himself.

Our actions determine the rest of our life here on earth and everything beyond that. Every time we sin, our soul is split from our body. Inch by inch, our soul, God’s gift to us, will slowly come away from us if we choose to sin. But with every good thing we do, we are brought closer to God, & to our faith. Our soul will be a clean slate. So that’s why I think it’s so very important that we make use of our time on earth.

I believe we are SO lucky to be here right now, don’t you think? To have met the people we have met, to have a house, to have a family, to just be alive. Every rock, every flower every tree, every person is a miracle. Think about how complex are bodies are. Think about all the white blood cells that fight off bacteria & diseases, think of our digestive system, & just how everything works in our bodies. It’s so complex, so completely fascinating it makes my head spin.

So that’s why I think we should treat our bodies with respect, & ourselves with respect. We should have dignity. Our bodies are not made for bad things, & our minds & brains are just not wired like that.

7 is a magical number, a holy number in the Bible. In seven days God created the entire world. Everything we know is traced back to God. Somehow we are all connected, we are all brothers and sisters. We have 7 places on our face that were made especially for listening & carrying our good works. Our two eyes, our ears, our nose (2 nostrils, haha) and our mouth. Have you ever noticed that we have two ears, but only one mouth? That’s because our job is to listen more so than talk.

Another thing they talked about was the Theology of the Male & Female Bodies, which was an .. interesting .. talk but still, very informative. So listen  up. Monica explained that boys were built ‘rough, tough, & buff.’ (not the ones in my class) but anyways, she said their duty was to Protect & Serve. Plain & simple. Their job was to respect & protect others, especially women & small children. Let me tell you a story Monica told us, which is true.

She used to be a teacher, & one of her former students, Fernando was grown up. She said he was at the bar in a restaurant with his sister, Rosie. Fernando left his sister & went to the restroom. When he came back, he found out that these two guys were harassing his sister & not respecting her at all. Fernando was a big guy, & he said, “Hey,that’s my sister. Leave her alone.” One of the other guys asked him, “What are you going to do about it?” They kept harassing her, & she was surrounded, and she couldn’t walk away. Monica noted that it’s braver sometimes to walk away. It takes a true man to walk away or make peace in a situation. But this was not the case. His sister was in danger, & he had to take some action. So he beat both of the guys up. Although he didn’t want to, he saved his sister from potential danger. But the story doesn’t end there.

At the time, he didn’t realize he had beaten up two gang members.

So the gang was obviously upset about this. They tracked Fernando down. They figured out who he was, & where he lived & everything about him. On day, when he was at home, the gang members broke into his house. They beat him up & shot him in the back six times.

But Fernando made a sacrifice – he shed blood & tears for his sister, & because of his sacrifice, his sister was spared. Monica said that this was what boys were called to do – protect & serve.

She also told us that this is so because just the ways are bodies were built, it is fact that boys are made to Protect & Serve, & girls are made to Hide & Invite. She said girls can touch their back easily, because their arms were made to embrace people. Guys’ arms did not touch their back as easily. That’s because their arms were made for, well, fighting..? More like protecting. IS that amazing? How God thought about all of this, even the tiniest details. It’s beautiful, it really is.

The next portion is about girls’ uses : To Hide & Invite. Let’s talk about invite first. Inviting meaning – girls are more emotionally built; whereas guys are more physically built. We think more about things – that’s why we are always the hosts for parties, & why we can make everything look, well, beautiful. We should Invite people – not exclude them – because that’s what we were made for. Girls are naturally more social that boys. So we should use that gift, always.

About the first one, Hide. Well ‘hiding’ is basically about love.

She said to us, “There are two things you need to know about being a girl. First of all, we are made to be mysterious.” She talked about how we have to save our feelings and other special things we hold inside our heart & wait for the right person. She said, “When you see a guy, maybe, you may think.. ‘Oh he’s cute!’ But it’s all in our nature. God gave us these feelings. They are good feelings – to reserve for the right person. Because we were made to start families, too.”

Here’s another good piece of advice that one of the interns, Elizabeth, who recently got out of college said about what it means to be mysterious:

“I really wish I had known this when I was your age. I only figured this out after I got my heart broken, many, many times. It’s just that there’s a thing called living a chaste life. Chaste meaning, you don’t have to be flashy. You don’t have to do things to make certain people notice you. So don’t go around, spilling all of your feelings, and all of your emotions out to just anybody. Because sometimes it may feel like love. And maybe it really is. But you’ll know when the right person comes along. You’ll just know. Because say you completely trust in someone & tell all of your secrets, and all of your lies & emotions & feelings. What will happen if you drift apart? So hold a special place in your heart for things your will reserve for that special one. You’ll just absolutely know when. When you’re positive, after you’re happily married, then you can spill those secrets & emotions. Then you can say what you’ve wanted to say. Just wait & be patient. When the time comes, you’ll be so happy & relieved that you saved something special, something you never shared with anyone else to give to that person. When you wait, and be patient & save, you’ll be happy you have something to give. So be mysterious – don’t give out too much info. Set the bar high. This is what the right person will do – You’ll set the bar high. If they really, truly care for you, and if they are willing to, they’ll jump over that bar. That’s when you know you’ve found the right person. When they are willing to fight for you. But if you set the bar low, they’ll do whatever they want with you. They’ll use you. And setting the bar low requires little to no effort. Meaning, you two don’t really get to know each other, or care enough about the other to make some effort, to make the relationship work. Because guys are more physically built, they may want more … physical forms of love. But I’ll tell you this: wait for the guy that tells you a piece of himself. That tells you something that increases his vulnerability. Because of the way a guy’s mind works – it takes alot of strength and love to say those words. And if he’s saying those to you, because girls are more emotionally built, that may mean more to them, then, say  – a kiss. Wait for that guy & save a piece of yourself.”

Personally I think that is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard. I think it’s excellent.

Another thing – today’s society is even more dangerous that it ever has been. Don’t let others influence you in a negative way. Like for example – all the girls at my school are getting, like, TOMS & blue Sperry Top-Siders. Although it’s not really my style, I was considering buying a pair of one of those because everyone else is. Thankfully, I snapped out of it. You see how easy it is to get sucked in to .. what other people are doing, wearing, acting? It’s so easy to be misdirected because of all the forms of communication girls see everyday about what the definition of ‘perfect’ is. Dare to be different, really. My friend Miyu is really awesome – she wears amazing clothes, much different from what the other are wearing – jeans, polos, & brand names – & her hair was different too. She braided it into 4 sections – the 4th section with a black and white ribbon. And let me tell you – she got more complements about her outfit – that no one dared to wear before – & her hair, which was something new – than any of the girls who were wearing jeans, skirts & Sperry Top-Sides & brand named clothes. Dare to be different. Dare to be different – because people respect that. They realize that you’re strong enough, & unique enough to break away from what others are influencing. They realize that you are your own person, not some sort of robot that does whatever everyone else tries to do. So think about that. My friend Lulu is different – I must say – she’s more outspoken, & funny, & blunt & active than all of the other girls in my class. So people respect her. They look up to her. They know that she is unique, & not afraid. They know she’s confident. And that a good thing – she doesn’t get picked on or teased or anything like that – because she takes eveything lightly. Despite the fact that she’s so different from everyone else, she’s very modest & kind. That’s why everyone loves Lulu, & why she’s always chosen for lead roles in skits or plays. Why everyone is drawn to her. Because she’s interesting, that’s all. Because she’s different.

That conludes my ‘lecture.’  Although this post is 2000 words, I still have load and load and load of more things to say about these subjects! Arg, it’s killing me. I have about 1 million words I need to type, right now. But I’ll d o that on my own time, haha :) This is a very powerful thing for me, & I really enjoyed writing it & sharing it with more people. Congratulations if you read through this! (srry if there were spelling errors, I did this quick, the thoughts were flowing) You read about 2440 words. Gosh. thank you if you read through this whole thing – I really hope you can take this advice and apply it to real life – because this is the best advice I’ve heard. And if you didn’t like this article – or if you completely disagree with me about this, then that’s ok :) Religion is a touchy subject. But I don’t plan on changing myself to conform to other’s opinions. This is what I personally think is right, what I know is right & what I’ve grown up with. So if this was useful to you, please share it with others :) This really need to be sent on. Thank you for your time! I love you guys & I’ll post again soon :)

♥ Kezi


Destruction. Fire burning. Trees falling, collapsing. Flame licking  the sides of the shed.I must burn. The fire inside me is raging, pulling me. The glory it feels to set things afire – to see things crumble, to see things be eaten up by what I think is one of the most powerful thing on earth – fire. 

Of course I don’t feel this way. The thing you need to know most about writing is to have empathy. Think about your character. Which is he/she feeling? Write it down. 


I really love this song! Lion King/ Disney movies are the best. Disney has contributed a lot to my childhood. This is a great song – I love the chorus! Goes with the theme too! And when you think society wants you to grow up too fast – just stop, and smell the roses. Because life really is short. You have to frown old, but they never said you had to grow up. For me – it’s personally more fun that way :) And don’t take things too seriously. This song makes me want to cry, it’s so beautiful & reminds me of innocence – so don’t grow up too fast :)

Stunning Photography!

I love nature. I think nature is far more beautiful than any man-made thing in the world. I’m going to share with you some beautiful pictures today! Hope you enjoy the eye candy :)


 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr5

 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr30

 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr19

 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr38
 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr1
All of these are very beautiful! I especially like the second to last one. It’s such a pleasant & dainty scene :) I love flowers :) Hope you enjoyed these! I got most of them from stumbleupon & the last from google :) Credit goes to the photographers.
By the way.. I’m just about to add more to my story, Film. I’m really excited-today I realized that my second revision wasn’t good enough (the one i was going to post) so I rewrote chapter one today! It’s much more exciting now! Hope you guys can read it!! :)
Question of the day:
If you removed the world of all color, would everything be white…or clear?… And if it’s clear, what is there to see through it if everything is clear?
Arg.. this question is hard, but interesting & makes you think :) Thanks for reading.. or.. er.. viewing!! Have a good one :)