That awkward time when..

That awkward time when…

– This girl and I, the same height, were walking towards the same thing and collided heads and collapsed to the floor.

-I went to an outlet mall for the whole day, and then when I got home, I realized there was a rip in the back of my pants.

– I tried to kill a spider with a knife

– a snake almost slithered into my shoe

– I accidentally put on the wrong pair a shoes that weren’t mine. It was a boy’s.

– I almost beat up my poor stuffed panda because I thought it was a murderer in my room at night

– I opened the car door, and then it hit my shin. Then I opened the other car door, which hit the other shin

– I almost gave myself a black eye by trying the get the handle unstuck from my rolling backpack a couple of years ago

– We were talking about the officers of NJHS/NHS and listing the officers. I said “Presbyterian” instead of “Parliamentarian.”

– I forgot how to write the number 7.

– I scored a point for my volleyball team when the ball bounced off my forehead and over the net again, leaving the other team surprised

– I said the wrong responsorial psalm at mass, and the priest came to confront me afterwards

– I dropped the holy Eucharist and tried to ask the priest for another one (i didn’t know that I could’ve just picked it up and eat it..)

– I wrote a story about a girl who went with her family on a trip. Then they fell down a waterfall and got killed. Only her and her sister survived, but then a banana spider bit her and she died. The main character then stuffed herself in a crate of oranges (which her family took canoeing, just in case they wanted an extra snack) and sailed the seas until she washed up on the beach, on an mystic island called Saybing and a family who sold cupcakes in a cup adopted her when she knocked on their door. I wrote this when I turned 8 :)

– My friends parents walked in and thought we were drinking alcohol (it was cream soda)

– My friend whom I call “Milk Moose” believed me when I told her a bought a male dog named Victoria and announced it to the whole class.

– I was called up to the board at Social Studies to draw trade routes and I drew a line around a country in Europe instead of Madagascar

– I thought that Alaska was below the United States, because that’s where it usually was on the map

– Everyone started to crowd around me at the school dance because I apparently was rolling on the floor crying because my favorite band (Allstar) was playing

– My math teacher punched me in the face (it was an accident, she was showing off her water aerobic moves)

– I was at my friend’s house and we were playing a Mario game, one that involved Peach getting saved by Donkey Kong (I think) and them kissing.  My friend told me, “That’s what we should be doing right now.”

– Someone flipped me off because I was dancing badly while holding up a Sonic sign for a fundraiser for the school


As you can see, I’ve been through a lot of time that were very embarrassing  awkward.  Are there any equally awkward times for you? haha

ANYWAYS! I can’t seem to get off this subject! I was thinking of re-doing this blog, because I’ve had this theme for nearly 6 months, and I’m getting bored looking at it. I wish I could use some of the themes I found online, not just the ones from the wordpress catalog. If anyone knows of any way I can do that, please tell me! :)

PS – I was going to do a song of the day, but to stick with the whole awkward theme, here’s a video of the King of Sassy and the God of Awkward.

Cute, isn’t he?? He also happens to be my crush.. 

It’s Always Awkward When..

Hi everyone! I’m back from vacation & it was so much fun!! Hope you guys are doing well! :) I was up at 2 in the morning today, I couldn’t sleep & I was thinking about extremely awkward moments. I’m hoping someone will relate to these, so here goes!!

It’s always awkward when ….

You fall asleep on someone’s shoulder (happened with a guy friend & 2 cousins of mine – they were all wondering what was wrong with me haha! I can’t help it if it’s a small car & I’m nodding off)

Your glasses get knocked off by someone or something (if you have/had them before)

See someone from your school at the mall/grocery store/etc. that you don’t really talk to or you’re not really friends with

You’re rocking out at a dance and then you realize no one else is dancing :/

You see your older sibling’s friends somewhere

You have to stay over with cousins that you don’t really talk to

Get a bad gift. (Thanks for the.. underwear.. Aunt Marge. It will really be .. useful.. later on..)

You & your teacher are alone!! Especially if they’re the ‘no nonsense’ type 

Try to say something smart and intelligent but end up twisting all the words

When you’re along with a shy stranger that you’re supposed to make friends with, only they’re not too friendly 

Say that you’re good at something to someone & it turns out they’re way better 

You’re trying to tell someone off but your voice cracks or you say the entirely wrong thing!

You study hard for a test & someone who didn’t study or pay attention in class at all makes a way better grade than you

You sing along to a song with someone & mess up the lyrics (YOU: but I won’t conncentrrattee, no more, no more..” FRIEND: Um. It’s ‘hesitate’, not concentrate. YOU: Oh.)

Accidently drink out of the wrong water bottle or switch shoes with someone (both happened to me on Field Day, turns out i was wearing someone else’s shoes.. and it was a boy’s..)

You go to the nurses & there’s a bunch of sick people there, and you just need to get a band aid. (is that how you spell it? I’m not even sure..)

You’re watching a movie with your family and all of a sudden there’s a bunch of hard-core cursing, or inappropriate material :/

Hope you can relate to some of these!~ I’m starting school in like, a couple of days, so I won’t be able to update as much. I’ll try my best! See you guys later!

Question of the Day:

Do you have anything to add to these awkward moments? Which one could you relate to the most?