Nathan Sean Darmondy, I will miss you forever & ever

Hi guys! Sorry about the title. I’m just a bit sad right now, scroll to the bottom for why..

 I was just thinking of this gorgeous picture I found on tumblr. Here it is for your viewing pleasure :)


It’s beautiful, isn’t it?? I LOVE the colors so much. Today I was going to write about a very teary-eyed inspirational lecture but I’m not really in that kind of mood today! I’ll answer some great questions, sorry if it’s a lot ^_^ Right now I’m procrastinating. I have a project to do and I have to figure out a topic for a report, but I’m a bit lazy today. I’ll make the answers short & sweet ^_^

One. What is your middle name?

Not really eager to post my middle name on the internet, where there are a bunch of stalkers, thank you very much ^_^

Two. What are you passionate about?

I’m definitely passionate about writing (I’ll make a post about that later.) I’m passionate about music, books, & Disney. Disney is amazing ♥ (wanted to do Walt Disney for my report but then they said he’s overused)

Three. Zebra or leopard print?

I’m not really sure why so many girls in my class are crazy about jungle print. Honestly, I don’t like either, but if I’d have to choose I’d go with zebra :D
Four. Do you have any fears?

Well, duh. Everyone has fears. I’m afraid of spiders, falling, the dark, CREATURES in the dark, scary movies, dolls.. but mostly I’m afraid of my loved ones dying. The pain of losing a loved one is unbearable. 

Five. Silver or gold?

Gold ;)

Six. Top three places to visit.

Hmm I really want to visit France, England & Australia. (but I heard there’s a lot of weird mutant bugs there!! D: )

Seven. How many siblings do you have?

I’m an only child, except for my sister. Haha, I saw that line on a commercial & thought it was hilarious ♥ But yes, I do have an older sister. We’re 7 years apart. I kinda wish I had an older brother too that’s only a few years older than me, so if someone bugs me he can beat them up ;) So cute. My dream. I would also like a little sister, but that ain’t happening. 

Eight. Where are you from?

Let’s just say the US.

Nine. First career you wanted as a child.

I wanted to be a writer. And I still do.

Ten. What’s your sign?

Aries ;)

Eleven. Future names of your children.

Oh em gee! How about…

Girls: Jacqueline, Vivian, Vana … heck, I don’t know. There’s so many pretty girl names out there :3

Boys: Zachary (after Zachary David Porter, of course), maybe Cameron (after Cameron Michael Quiseng) , Stephen, Derek, or Amanda. haha jk about Amanda ;)

Sixteen. What is your favorite color?

Pink & turquoise  ♥

Seventeen. What is your favorite flower?

Peonies. They have so many petals & are so darn beautiful!

Twenty-two. Left or right handed?

Imma lefty! I love being a lefty, too. It’s nice being different, but I hate how I always smudge when I’m writing. Esp. on chalkboards.

Twenty-six. What is your relationship status?

Uh. It’s dry as the Sahara desert, unfortunately! It’s weird because I think a couple of people like me, but they’re all .. shall I say … nerds? Weirdos? I’m not trying to be mean – it’s just some of them are annoying and frustrating. I don’t understand how I always attract the pokemon, fairy, & alien lovers. Am I really that weird?? 

Twenty-seven. Last movie you just watched.

TANGLED. Beautiful, I say! Pixar is amazing.

Thirty. A book you want to read/have recently read.

Recently read Fahrenheit 451.  It was genius, I recommend it to everyone!! I’m also reading The Help, which is also really good! Oh yes! And I just finished Sea of Monsters yesterday! (I’ve read the series already, just wanted to read them again because they’re so good) My goodness. I read a lot.

That concludes my rant :) I’m sorry I haven’t been posting interesting stuff lately. I’ll try to think of something ^_^ Thanks for reading though~! 


I looked at him for what may have been the last time. His dark eye brows were scrunched up on his forehead, his eyes a swirling mass of blue. He was standing over me, looking at me like I was a small animal that needed caring for.
Finally I said what I wanted to say for so many years now.
“Luke.. I -”
They pulled me from the room.
I never got to say the 3 words that meant so much to me.

Ok, ok, here come the sad part for me… you all know my favorite band, Allstar Weekend. The guitarist left the band for unknown reasons. I am so bummed. I haven’t been crying so hard in such a long time. Nathan was really a great guy, and Zach, Cam & Mikey said they decided to ‘seperate ways professionally & personally.’ What gets me is they they split personally. The guys have been friends for almost 10 years; what fight could have spooked them so much to make them undeclare Nathan as their friend?? It’s upsetting, it really is. My four favorite boys are now down to 3. It makes me sad to know that I’ll never see him with the guys again, or that he’ll never be in any of their videos. What gets me is that I’ll never get to meet him. When I go to the boy’s concerts when I’m older, I won’t get to meet him.

I love Nathan so much, I really didn’t want him to leave. Us addubers haven’t heard from Nathan in 3 months, until he tweeted something today. It was a song, a quite beautiful one in fact. Here it is .. 

Dance forever, Nathan <3

Nathan’s on the left. He is so talented. I miss him so much.