Brittney the UNICORN show

Hola everyone!! 

I miss you guys! I’m sorry I’ve been inactive , but I haven’t given up on this site yet! Yesterday I hosted probably the best Christmas party ever. Two of my friends couldn’t make it, but it was still the craziest ever!! 

Here is a video of my friends & I doing the Brittney the Unicorn show!! (There’s a lot more to it – it’s just we had to stop recording on my camera because there was no sound) I’m the one next sitting next to Brittney the Unicorn, with the red shirt on haha.

That was just our first take. We did a bunch of segments including:

Pretty lil Princess – starring: my friend who knows all the words to the mighty B song, a girl in a poodle dress, my friends with bath robes on, and my game “Pretty Pretty Princess”

Zombie Pandas – starring: my friend with a panda beanie on and very very scared, seizure – prone news reporters

Celeb fashion – a debate on how converse were made “60 years ago” and guys with skinny jeans. starring: 2 ‘fashionistas’ and an indignant camera girl

Asian drama – starring: a depressed Vietnamese girl who’s only friend is a Snuggie, which eventually leaves her

5 dollar foot long – starring: 3 girls who can’t seem to count on their fingers and hello kitty

Another Taylor Lautner segment – starring: a very happy fangirl, and another fangirl that enjoys tackling other fangirls

Update from Paris – we realize that the Eiffel Tower is actually a spaceship, and blasted off to the moon. Whoops – we mistook the moon for Brittney the Unicorn’s hair. So yes, Brittney The U. stuck a foot long metal Eiffel Tower into her hair

It was so much fun! Hopefully I’ll be able to post the real vids, because the one that I posted was only a practice :) I’ll really really try to post another video, but I’m mostly addicted to my tumblr! I can’t stop using it! You can contact me there via my ask box :)

Merry Christmas everybody!! 

♥ Kezi –