Featuring: Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Good day everyone! I’m back to post about my Disney World experience – and for the next park, I have my 3rd favorite – HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!

HW Studios was fun filled park with a mix of rides, shows, and tours.  It was great because I could go on  rides and then settle down with a character show or a drawing class. Here are some of my park favorites!


TOWER OF TERROR: Creepy! This ride was a pretty crazy one – much like Six Flag’s Superman – but not as intense.  The ride takes place in an old, shabby looking hotel (you’ll get to see the hotel while waiting in line) that has a story behind it – the elevator dropped several years ago and many died.  As I traveled up the elevator all I could think of was: “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” It really wasn’t that scary, but the music, the ghosts, and an overactive imagination made it all too real for me! Before going on the ride, you actually enter a small room with, I don’t know- a couple of talking busts and a creepy chandelier here and there.

ROCK N’ ROLL ROLLERCOASTER FT. AEROSMITH:  This ride was a lot more intense than I imagined! Although I can’t remember the “ride” ride very well (maybe because my eyes were glued shut) I did NOT except it to go upside down!!

You see, I carried around a string backpack with all the important stuff around all the parks, but I nearly lost that bag on this ride!! While the rest of the people were screaming, I was struggling to keep the bag still with my feet – and at one point, I saw my bag floating around where my head was supposed to be!! Thankfully, my bag didn’t fly off into the bowels of a roller coaster by the end of the ride!! (That would be horrible too, in case it fell on someone’s head.. oops!!)


Although those rides were amazing, the real beauty of this park were the shows!!

One of the first things we did was the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. It wayyyyyyy exceeded my expectations!! I seriously felt like a mermaid myself.  The sitting area was turning into the ocean with bubbles, water lights, and .. it’s just too spectacular to explain!! The opening song brought me to tears, and the show hadn’t even started yet! The actors were great, the lights were amazing – the stage was filled with smoke, water, bubbles – and at one point it even rained on the stage! It was a very pure, feel good show that made my heart melt for Ariel. (cheesy, right?! That’s what Disney does to you)

My mind was blown after watching the Beauty & the Beast show, which just happened to have the best actors and  the best songs, the Indiana Jones show, which had me cheering for Indiana himself, & the Extreme Stunt show, which featured Lightning McQueen (aww!) & a bunch of cars chasing each other! (Tokyo Drift!) My dad REALLY liked that one.

We also did the American Idol experience, which was when they hold auditions for the park guests – the winner gets a fast pass to the front of the line at any (real) American Idol audition. The stage was /gtjhmre;iybaq[yqme7q.  It was like a real American Idol show, complete with a sassy British judge, an overexcited superwoman, and of course, a Randy impersonator. (Yo, dawg!)

After One Man’s Dream, (an exhibit about Walt D) we did my favorite! A drawing class taught by a Disney animator himself! (Or maybe it was just someone who was an excellent drawer :p)  We were given paper and a back light with a pencil.  Most unfortunately, we were NOT given an eraser, my trusty steed when it comes to drawing.

We drew Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. This is what the instructor’s looked like: (not my picture, lol)

How to Draw Tinkerbell

And here’s how mine came out:

When they turned on the lights .. “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!” It looked better in the dark.

Lastly, (I wanted to save this for last b/c this was the best part)

is…. -drumroll, please-


Fantasmic = Fantastic. Aha.

We got the worst seats possible. On the other hand, we were so late we didn’t even GET seats! :( But it was beautiful nevertheless.  They only play Fantasmic when it’s dark, so you can gawk at the lights better.

There was a great stage with AMAZING props and dragons and magic and Mickey! The audience sometimes got wet because although it was a show, they replayed clips from Fantasia not on a projector or a wall, but on a wall of WATER. I mean, who does that?!  There was a ring of water surrounding the ginormous stage – and after the show was done, Disney music played & floats with all the princesses and princes waving majestically at the audience.  While this was going on, there were lights everywhere, and Mickey Mouse disappears in a poof of smoke from the bottom, to on top of the set’s mountain, 50 ft in the air! Seeing Mickey dancing on top, waving his wand, the Disney music playing in the background and all the characters I’ve seen on TV so many years ago made me burst into tears.

It wasn’t lady like Little Mermaid tears, they were gigantic monster truck tears that came in quantities of Niagara Falls.  It was so .. magical. It felt like a million butterflies in my chest and I haven’t felt so incredibly happy or safe since. Fantasmic is a must! And in between those tears, even being in the very very back where only the wild creatures live, I shouted out, “I LOVE YOU ALADDIN!” in my about-to-be-kidnapped voice.  And I PROMISE you, I can almost guarantee he looked straight at me & blew me a kiss! (see post below for my a.w.k.w.a.r.d. conversation with him)

Life goal #15 : Be noticed by favorite Disney character.. check!


Hollywood Studios cannot be beat. It’s right up THERE on the list of eternal happiness with the glorious Magic Kingdom. I left the park with near bleeding feet, 100 lbs of sleepiness on my shoulders, my body shriveling from the heat – but with a smile on my face.  Because that’s just what Disney does to you.

kezi :)

Disney’s Epcot & more!!

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! I apologize for not blogging often – but I realized that today’s ALMOST the 1 (<– that one is adorable) year anniversary of this site.  What a better way to enter the summer than a blog on my experiences at Disney World?

I traveled (by car) 3-4 states over all the way to Orlando in late March for spring break!  I completely forgot the order but here are the places we visited:

  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM)
  • Animal Kingdom (will be posting some pictures)
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Universal Studios
  • Islands of Adventure!

Boom. 6 theme parks in 7 days!!

Unfortunately, most of the pictures have my family in them, so I won’t be posting many.


First, I’ll tell you about the beautiful EPCOT! This was the first park I went to, so I remember it pretty clearly.

Epcot was one of my personal favorites because it wasn’t completely overwhelming like, say, Magic Kingdom.  You could stroll & walk through all the different countries of the world while trying the cuisines & watching cultural shows! It was incredibly amazing seeing all the different countries – France & Italy were all cobblestone, Japan had a beautiful rock garden and China a garden and … MULAN!

Mulan was the first face character I met.  She was super friendly & even had that little strand of hair on her forehead like in the movie.  She was actually one of the better face characters & always was in Mulan’s personality – she said things like, “You’ve traveled a long way to here in China.” “Oh, you’re very strong girls, aren’t you?” It was so cute! I’ll tell you – meeting your childhood Disney idol is way better than meeting a celebrity!

We missed Snow White in Germany, but we met Aladdin & Jasmine in Morocco. We came in right as they were about to leave. Aladdin was an amazing face character. I’d always been such a huge fan of Aladdin, & it was wonderful seeing them in real life.

Jasmine was kind of sour looking though, but Aladdin really lit everything up. I’m serious. He looked so gorgeous I wanted to curl up into a ball & hide – I could barely speak to him! Gdamtewtwvah!!


Aladdin: Hello, how are you guys?

Sis: We’re fine!

Aladdin: So are you two sisters?

Both: Yes!

Aladdin: Which is the older?

Sis: I am.

Me: She is.

Aladdin: Oh, but the younger’s taller, isn’t she?


Aladdin to me: Do you play volleyball?

Me: Yes, actually I do!

Aladdin: What position do you play?

Me: I-I don’t really have a position, we alternate.

Aladdin: Are you a libero?

Me: Uh .. What? Um, I don’t know what that is..? –Freaking out in mind-

Aladdin: Oh, how long have you been playing?

Me: 3 years.

Aladdin: 3 years & you don’t know what a libero is?

And then we take a picture, in which Aladdin extends & says, “Would you do me the honor of taking my arm?”  By then I’m like, yes! yes, Aladdin! Yes! Take me on the magic carpet, let’s sing together & spin around!!!!! 

After the picture, Aladdin says that he’ll have to come & play volleyball with my school sometime. By then I was in la la land & was on the verge of passing out.

After that dream, we met Belle & Beast in France! Beast was so awesome (he was wearing a suit) & instead of shaking his hand I hugged him. Belle was really friendly too :D I also met Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) in France. France was one of my favorite sections because of the food, which consisted of brilliant pastries & waiters serving you in dashing French accents.

The UK section was really cute – I met Mary Poppins! SHE WAS SO PROPER! Of course, she was in a poofy dress, white gloves & an umbrella. She was great, and she said things like, “Your hat is most splendid. I have an array of hats with doo-dads on them at home.” And “Fold your hands like this, it’s the proper way.” And she also said the famous Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards.

Surprisingly, we also met Tigger & Pooh in the UK! 

Epcot had a couple of attractions – we went on a boat ride in Norway, saw an acrobatic show in China, & viewed many exhibitions all over! 

It was spectacular! Although it rained pretty much the whole time we were there, it was so much fun meeting the characters. (Unfortunately, I forgot my Cinderella autograph book from 1999 at the hotel) 

I would kill to go back there again :) 


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about Epcot today! Maybe this will excite some of those who haven’t been there or make someone else want to revisit. 

I think I’ll have to write about the other parks later (next will be Hollywood Studios) because I don’t want to extend this post too long :)  (OR comment & tell me which park you’re most anxious to hear about)

Hope you enjoyed, & if you’ve been to Epcot or any of the other parks mentioned, be sure to let me know, I’d love to hear about your experiences!! 

PS: Figured out what a libero meant: The libero remains in the game at all times and is the only player not limited by rules of rotation. He usually replaces the middle blocker position when they rotate to the back row and never rotates to the front row himself.  The libero is responsible for a great deal of the passing in serve receive. Often the libero will be responsible for a much greater part of the court than his teammates. WHOO! Aladdin must have thought I was pretty darn good!! 

I LOVE YOU ALADDIN!!!   Aladdin is completely awesome. 


Medieval Role Play~!! ♥

Hey everyone! Everyone meaning: Sha, Monica, Lucy (maybe) & Lyd! (hm.. if you’re reading this now lyd then ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATER TOT!) Sorry, just had to get that out of my system :p Anyways, here is a Medieval role play game I made! Hope you have fun with it!

Please read directions before playing: Questions are in blue. You can either choose the green or pink choice, it’s up to you :) Say you choose the green choice. Go to the green text & vice versa! One small hint: if you choose the pink way first, be sure to be careful of number 11! There are only 2 ways to complete this role play,  it doesn’t matter whether you go either way (pink or green) on the first try. Go to the number beside the answer you chose. PS- Sorry if the numbers aren’t in order :/ That’s all, have fun with it! :) 


You start off as a prince in the Medieval Times. Your goal is to find the princess, but the castle she was trapped in has all sorts of obstacles. Do your best to find her! You start of in the forest by the castle. 

1) You’re in a thick, green forest & the castle where the princess is held is north.

 Eh. I’ll go east, no hurry anyways. Go to number 2.

Of course I’ll go north! The princess is waiting! Go to number 3.

2) You go east! You are instantly met by a troll! 

No way! You go back towards the castle. (go to #4) OR I’m a prince! I’ll stay & fight! (go to #5)

3) You arrive at the castle but there’s no way in! The bridge isn’t drawn & the moat is filled with horrible alligators & piranhas. 

You are a brave prince! You will attempt to cross the moat! (go to #6) OR You go west, but you promise yourself you won’t give up! (go to #7)

4) Your loud rustling made by your attempt to get away brought the guards’ attention. Go back to #2, you were caught! :(  

5) Your weapon of choice is:

Your sword! (go to #8) OR You back out from fighting the giant troll & climb a tree. (go to #9)

6) Whoops. Your attempt failed b/c the moat was too thick & the creatures weren’t that friendly. Go back to #3 :(

7) You go west & you reach a small, dusty looking cottage. You go inside & you find an old man. What do you do??

Tell him about the princess (go to #11) OR No way! He could turn me in to the guards! (go to #10)

8) The horrible troll deflects your attack & uses its strong hands to bend your sword in half!! :( You are defeated. Go back to #5. 

9) The troll climbs the tree! What do you do?? 

I let him. Who knows? Maybe he’s a friendly troll! (go to #12) OR You whack him on the head with a branch, that’s what you do! (go to #13)

10) You walk away from his house, telling him you were just a lost foreigner from the neighboring village & walk back to the castle. Go to 14.

11) You figure out the old man is the princess’ uncle. He said he would help you if you trade him an item. The only one you have on hand is a potion. What do you do? 

I hand him the potion he can help me. (go to #15) OR No way. I might need the potion later (go to #16)

12) Oops. Turns out he’s not a friendly troll. You are defeated. Go back to #9.

13) The monster is defeated. You climb down. Now what do you do?

You search the troll (go to #17) OR continue going east. You’re very proud of yourself. (go to 18)

14) .. It was a mistake telling him that. After you left the man notified the guards to arrest you. You didn’t know the neighboring village was an enemy of yours! Go back to #7.

15) In return, he gives me a long, thick & sturdy plank. You decide you can use it for the moat. You head back to the castle. Go to 22.

16) You thank the man, leave & inspect the house. You find a wooden plank that’s very long & solid & thinking you can use it for the moat, you steal it. You hurry back to the castle. Go to 23. 

17) Wow! You find a key!? You wonder what it’s for. You keep going & you find a lever that was hidden in some bushes. There is a key hole. You insert the key in & it fits. You pull the lever down, & head back to the castle. Go to 19.

18) You find a lever hidden in some bushes, but the handle’s stuck. Oh well, you don’t know what it’s for, anyways.

Keep going east, maybe you’ll find something (go to 20) OR go back to the castle (go to 21)

19) When you go back you realize the bridge was down! The trigger was prob. the lever from earlier. Suddenly guards spring from the siddes of the castle. The moat wasn’t supposed to be let down. What do you do?

I fight the guards! (go to 30) OR I tell them them I am the man that the king summoned. (go to 31)

20) Oh no! You went too far east. You trespassed into your village’s enemy territory. They decide to keep you & train you as their own. You are defeated. Go back to 13.

21) The bridge still wasn’t drawn. There’s nothing you can do. Go back to 13.

22)  You use the plank as a bridge & make it across but the castle doors are locked. What do you do??

You demand to be let in, you are the prince! (go to 26) OR You knock. (Go to 27)

23) You lay the board across the water & miraculously you make it across. But the doors of the castle are still bolted shut. What do you do?

You know. (go to 25) OR You throw yourself against the door, yelling & demanding to be let in. (go to 24)

24) the castle doors suddenly swing open. You find yourself being pushed up against the wall by several guards. They know you are the prince looking for the princess. You are defeated. Go back to 23.

25) A slit in the door opens. When asked who you are, you say?

I am the prince of this land (go to 29) OR I have come from a neighboring village, but I wish to inhabit this land. I wish to speak with the king. (go to 28)

26) The door swings open. The guards know you want to save the princess. You are defeated. Go to 22.

27) You are asked who you are. What do you say? I am the prince (srry i messed up on this part. If you choose prince you are defeated.) OR I am a foreigner from the neighboring village but I wish to inhabit this land. I wish to speak with the king. (go to 32)

28) with suspicious looks, the guards escort you through the castle. A nasty witch pulls you aside. What do you do?

I fight the witch who know’s what she’ll do to me? (go to 33) OR I go with the witch. (go to 34)

29) The guards know the prince is trying to save the princess. You are defeated. Go back to 25.

30) You are defeated. The guards overpowered. Go back to 19 

31) They lead you to a dusty cellar. They explain to you that you will be called when the king when he’s ready. You see a little boy there. What do you do?

Tell the boy you need help finding the princess (go to 36 WITH THE STAR (*) srry. messed up again) OR ignore him. He’s probably a servant & a spy, anyways. (go to 35)

32) As they escort you to the king, a nasty witch pulls you aside. What do you do? 

fight the witch! Who know’s what she’ll do to me?? (go to 36) OR I’ll take my chances & go with the witch. (go to 37)

33) The witch gets angry & casts a curse on you. Suddenly the guards know you’ve been lying. You are defeated. Go back to 28

34) The witch says she can help you save the princess if you trade her a potion in return. What do you do? You refuse to give it to her, who knows, you might need it later on! (go to 38) OR You give her the potion reluctantly (go to 39)

35) The guards come back & realize you were lying. You are defeated. (go back to 31)

**36) He grabs your hand & takes you out a secret passageway. He leads you to the tower where the princess is, but there’s a dragon blocking the entrance. He says he can take care of it & for you to go on when he distracts it! What do you do?

Let him distract it. You have to save the princess! (go to 41) OR don’t let him. He’s just a little boy. He might get hurt. (go to 40)

36) The witch gets angry & casts a curse on you! The guards suddenly know you’ve been lying & you are defeated. Go to 32.

37) The witch says she can help you fin the princess if you give her a potion in return. You know the witch can help you but you don’t have the potion! You gave it to the man to trade for the plank. Ouch. Go back to 11. (sorry! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

38) The witch transported you back into the arms of the guards, & you meet the king. He recognizes you & you are defeated. Go to 34. 

39) The witch takes the potion & gives you another one. You drink it. You are now invisible. She gives you a map of the castle. You follow the map to where the princess is. Guards are blocking the exit. What do you do?

Hit them from behind & steal their keys! (go to 42) OR Sneak past them. Too risky. (go to 43)

40) You hold back the little boy, & you are both defeated by the dragon. Go back to 36!

41) You let him distract the dragon & hurry up the stairs! You open the door & see the princess! You saved her, congrats! You guys go back for the boy & escape out the window & across the moat. You are a hero. You & the princess get married & live happily ever after. THE END ♥

42) Amazingly your plan works! You open the door & the princess is there! You both escape out the window & go across the plank still there from earlier. You are a hero, congrats! You two get married & both live happily ever after. THE END ♥

43) The guards noticed you sneaked past them & the invisibility spell wore off. You are defeated. Go to 39.  


Dang. I finally finished typing all that. Anyways I hope you had fun taking this! It took me so long to make this (2 hours to think/make/write out all the possibilities & 1 hour to type the whole thing, which was 1769 words..) so I really really really hope you enjoyed this :( I did this because I don’t quit what I start (yes I do but not this time lol) & I wanted to share with everyone! Please don’t copy & paste this somewhere :p 

Ok! Well That’s all for now. Wow. Haha. Ok. I’m still feeling weird from typing all that :) See you guys later, I love you :)