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is a personal project, a sweet, untarnishable timekeeping device that started in July 2011. Here, you’ll find personal  stories, reflections, advice, fictional stories and other fluff.

is a 16 year old girl from the sleepy suburbs of Texas. She’s a hardcore dreamer, midnight muser,  and wannabe writer stricken with a terrible case of wanderlust. Passionate about any form of beauty and introverted  with a quiet confidence, Kezi’s life goal is to contribute, inspire, love deeply, and fulfill her own definition of success.  As of now, her biggest dream is to launch herself into the captivating fields of journalism, psychology, or sociology —  but hey, things’ll change, right? In her spare time, you’ll find her perfecting her French, writing (lovely) macabre fiction, smelling and leafing through old books, rehearsing theater lines, or talking to birds.

In January, Kezi wrote a 100-page novella composed of ten short stories that brought light to five different controversial topics, including beauty pageants, veganism, technological advancements, media violence, and public displays of religion in schools. Contact her if you’re interested in reading.


to the talented Aussie artist, Laine Fraser, who is the designer of this site’s very lovely pineapple background image.

I like hearing you talk.

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