It’s Always Awkward When..

Hi everyone! I’m back from vacation & it was so much fun!! Hope you guys are doing well! :) I was up at 2 in the morning today, I couldn’t sleep & I was thinking about extremely awkward moments. I’m hoping someone will relate to these, so here goes!!

It’s always awkward when ….

You fall asleep on someone’s shoulder (happened with a guy friend & 2 cousins of mine – they were all wondering what was wrong with me haha! I can’t help it if it’s a small car & I’m nodding off)

Your glasses get knocked off by someone or something (if you have/had them before)

See someone from your school at the mall/grocery store/etc. that you don’t really talk to or you’re not really friends with

You’re rocking out at a dance and then you realize no one else is dancing :/

You see your older sibling’s friends somewhere

You have to stay over with cousins that you don’t really talk to

Get a bad gift. (Thanks for the.. underwear.. Aunt Marge. It will really be .. useful.. later on..)

You & your teacher are alone!! Especially if they’re the ‘no nonsense’ type 

Try to say something smart and intelligent but end up twisting all the words

When you’re along with a shy stranger that you’re supposed to make friends with, only they’re not too friendly 

Say that you’re good at something to someone & it turns out they’re way better 

You’re trying to tell someone off but your voice cracks or you say the entirely wrong thing!

You study hard for a test & someone who didn’t study or pay attention in class at all makes a way better grade than you

You sing along to a song with someone & mess up the lyrics (YOU: but I won’t conncentrrattee, no more, no more..” FRIEND: Um. It’s ‘hesitate’, not concentrate. YOU: Oh.)

Accidently drink out of the wrong water bottle or switch shoes with someone (both happened to me on Field Day, turns out i was wearing someone else’s shoes.. and it was a boy’s..)

You go to the nurses & there’s a bunch of sick people there, and you just need to get a band aid. (is that how you spell it? I’m not even sure..)

You’re watching a movie with your family and all of a sudden there’s a bunch of hard-core cursing, or inappropriate material :/

Hope you can relate to some of these!~ I’m starting school in like, a couple of days, so I won’t be able to update as much. I’ll try my best! See you guys later!

Question of the Day:

Do you have anything to add to these awkward moments? Which one could you relate to the most?