Why I want to live in Neverland..

Hi everyone! First off, happy new year :) I’ve just composed a super long, serious rant, but I thought I’d just start off the new year with a still long, but not as serious lecture. (sigh…) Anyways, the title of this post is “Why I want to live in Neverland” and this is just the beginning of me complaining about how ridiculous people are these days.  Hope you’re in the mood.


I think our perception of happiness in this world is twisted. Really. Read these situations, and if you’re not nodding your head in agreement about how   wrong these things are, then I don’t know what will..

I read this ridiculous article about a women giving her little 7 year old daughter a certificate she can use when she’s 16 – one that entitles her to  -ahem – enhancement of certain body parts.. and liposuction. (well, this is awkward.) The girl says, “I can’t wait to look pretty like mommy!” You should really read this article. The mom also teaches that little girl how to .. let’s just say exotic dance. Just type in “Human Barbie” in a search bar, and that’s the 1st thing that pops up. 

I also hate how girls my age are piling on makeup, just caking it on their face until they look like a witch. I understand a bit of makeup (though I don’t wear it) but covering up every single imperfection is a bit much. And if those girls are just worried about what other people will think of them, then there’s really something wrong with the world.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a hater. I’ve felt the same way many times in my life, and stolen things from my mom and older sister because – yes, I thought beauty in a bottle would actually make me look better. Um, heck no. I then realized we can’t look perfect all the time, and to just get over it. 

I think that sometimes people are really afraid to just be themselves. They’d be scrutinized. I went to the mall the other day, and practically every teenage girl looked the same. Long silky straightened hair. A sweatshirt from whatever sport they like, or team they like, those stupid Nike shorts with built in underwear, and UGG boots. (Boots and shorts doesn’t even make sense. It’s either one or the other. It’s winter, not summer.) If someone was the first person to wear stuff like that, then kudos to them. But if they’re just doing it because everyone else is, then that girl is crazy in the head. Girls today look like clones. I thought I kept seeing the same girls over and over again, but it they all just looked alike. It’s scary. I rarely see people now that act the way they want to, even with my classmates. I’ve known some of mine for 10 years now, and they all used to be their own person. Now it’s all about hair flipping, being sarcastic to impress everyone, and talking behind people’s backs. That stuff is not cool at all. That’s why when I see someone that’s their own person, I befriend them.

So some advice – don’t be sucked into reality. Create your own reality and live it like there’s no tomorrow. You are who you meet, and I honestly don’t want to be sucked into a mass of barbie dolls.

Now I’m really getting to the point of this whole article – (sorry!) don’t try to grow up too fast. That’s my goal in life, to cherish everything, to enjoy being a kid. Because I already know it’s going to get much harder later, and who wants to add extra drama to their life and speed up the inevitable? 

I have my whole life ahead of me – plenty of time to settle down, and wear expensive clothes, and walk in four inch long heels – but for right now, I just want to be a kid. One who’s aware that ignorance is bliss, one who isn’t embarrassed  by watching movies suited to younger kids, and one who isn’t afraid to run through the mall, arm in arm with their best friend, singing songs from the Wizard of Oz. One who wants their mind to stay in a place like Neverland for as long as possible.