Stunning Photography!

I love nature. I think nature is far more beautiful than any man-made thing in the world. I’m going to share with you some beautiful pictures today! Hope you enjoy the eye candy :)


 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr5

 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr30

 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr19

 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr38
 Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr1
All of these are very beautiful! I especially like the second to last one. It’s such a pleasant & dainty scene :) I love flowers :) Hope you enjoyed these! I got most of them from stumbleupon & the last from google :) Credit goes to the photographers.
By the way.. I’m just about to add more to my story, Film. I’m really excited-today I realized that my second revision wasn’t good enough (the one i was going to post) so I rewrote chapter one today! It’s much more exciting now! Hope you guys can read it!! :)
Question of the day:
If you removed the world of all color, would everything be white…or clear?… And if it’s clear, what is there to see through it if everything is clear?
Arg.. this question is hard, but interesting & makes you think :) Thanks for reading.. or.. er.. viewing!! Have a good one :)

More Cute Pics ♥

:) Decided I’ve been posting too many blogs with too many words, so here are so cute pics instead! Let’s go old school :)

Oddly I do it all the time..

says it all ^__^

I’ll post some really funny ones later, maybe tomorrow? I’m trying to only post one blog a day :p All images belong to CherryBam :) Full credit goes to the makers of these graphics :)

BTW: My fav shows right now are:

Pretty Little Liars (♥ Ezra/Aria ♥ Toby/Spencer ♥)  Suits (they are so smart)  Glee Project! (TEAM CAMERON! I LOVE YOU! NERDS FOREVER ) Glee Switched at Birth Love in the Wild (um, I just like the challenges :p plus, i only like it cuz my guy likes it ^_~)

If you wanna talk about any of those, I’m all ears! I like discussing :) & please please please answer this poll :) I think you can vote as many times as you want, so vote as you please :) The one with the most votes I will be sure to do more often :) Choose carefully ;)


✿ StumbleUpon Treasures – Part 1

Hey guys :) So there’s this really awesome site/app called StumbleUpon, and it’s great because it redirects you to interesting, cute, or funny pictures, videos, or articles. I use StumbleUpon a lot, and end up learning a bunch of new things. Here is a list of some of the sites I StumbledUpon that I think are worth showing. Enjoy :) 

-Ever wanted to create a computer font from your own handwriting?  Click here. 

-Want to start a journal/diary, but you always seem to forget to write? Click here.

-Interested in photography? Click here to view stunningly beautiful, unique images. 

-Want to read an article online but it’s way too long? Speed up the time it takes to read it by clicking here. 

-Love to bake? Learn how to make some truly delicious, unique cake batter pancakes here.

-Wish there was some way to make climbing up stairs more interesting? Check this out if you love music. 

-Sagaki Keita is the art of drawing tons of small pictures to make a large one. Click here to see the best of the best!

-Need a way to spice up those boring plastic straws at parties? Click here if you like paper folding/origami.

-Love cinnamon rolls and pancakes? Click here to make cinnamon roll pancakes!! 

-Like online games? Here is a unique list of games that really make you think.

Hope you liked this list of 10 sites! I have a bunch more I would like to share, which maybe I’ll post under Part 2 another day if you guys like this one. I really suggest you check out StumbleUpon :) It’s really interesting. :) Oh, and if you like this post or my previous one, feel free to rate and comment :)