✿ StumbleUpon Treasures – Part 1

Hey guys :) So there’s this really awesome site/app called StumbleUpon, and it’s great because it redirects you to interesting, cute, or funny pictures, videos, or articles. I use StumbleUpon a lot, and end up learning a bunch of new things. Here is a list of some of the sites I StumbledUpon that I think are worth showing. Enjoy :) 

-Ever wanted to create a computer font from your own handwriting?  Click here. 

-Want to start a journal/diary, but you always seem to forget to write? Click here.

-Interested in photography? Click here to view stunningly beautiful, unique images. 

-Want to read an article online but it’s way too long? Speed up the time it takes to read it by clicking here. 

-Love to bake? Learn how to make some truly delicious, unique cake batter pancakes here.

-Wish there was some way to make climbing up stairs more interesting? Check this out if you love music. 

-Sagaki Keita is the art of drawing tons of small pictures to make a large one. Click here to see the best of the best!

-Need a way to spice up those boring plastic straws at parties? Click here if you like paper folding/origami.

-Love cinnamon rolls and pancakes? Click here to make cinnamon roll pancakes!! 

-Like online games? Here is a unique list of games that really make you think.

Hope you liked this list of 10 sites! I have a bunch more I would like to share, which maybe I’ll post under Part 2 another day if you guys like this one. I really suggest you check out StumbleUpon :) It’s really interesting. :) Oh, and if you like this post or my previous one, feel free to rate and comment :)