StumbleUpon Treasures – Part 2

Hey guys! The HP movie was awesome. I cried so much :( Mischief Managed. But anyways, today I’m going to share w/ you some more awesome sites found on stumbleupon! :) Enjoy!

– Can never decide what kinda candy you should get?? Try this candy chart :) (may wanna zoom in)

– If you like to write, here is a character profile you can use to get to know more about your character :)

– Oh man, you have to check this out. It’s an animated film, it’s so beautiful.

– Personally one of my favs! It’s an inspiration notebook, designed to get your thoughts flowing. Great for writers, if they have writers block.

– A very cute, fun, but sad animation film, it’s really worth your time :)

Pen that never runs out of ink!

– Very creepy (but awesome) abandoned cities (great inspiration)

– Yummy! Cookie & Cream treats for you! Very easy, delish, & best of all.. it requires no baking!! :)

Mind tricks-try the first one! It got me :p

– The coolest inventions.. EVER! So clever, fun, & downright useful ;)

– A guess-the-celeb game! It’s brilliant! Try anyone, it can even be from an anime, a book, etc. ♥ Works every time.

Regifting Robin! Like the link above, but even more crazy!! :) I love it!

– Fun level game, with 300+ levels. Makes you think, it’s highly enjoyable & very addicting. lol.

That’s all for now :) Hope you enjoy some of the links-if you do, maybe I’ll do a part 3, but I just have to gather some more links first :) Tomorrow I think I’ll just write about a random topic, b/c practically all of the stuff on my blog right now is mostly for you guys, like pictures, links, stories, blah blah blah & I think it’d be nice to blog about some stuff that’s been on my mind. I guess that’s the real reason I started to blog. So anyways, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow! Have a good one ~  


:) I just need a few more votes. Ask & you shall receive. The reason I did this post was b/c someone requested more joke stories & links to fun places. So keep voting everyone!