How I Began to Love Writing ~

Good DAY, detectives!

Once again, this blog has been as lonesome as those sorry little tumbleweeds in western movies for the past . . . couple of months?! I apologize – my schoolwork has swept me off my feet and dumped my free time into, well, a bottomless abyss.

[Now for a rather watery-eyed confession from me, Kezi, but if you love to write, you’re going to read this because you’re curious. Like all writers, you’re curious as to how other crazy people like you started out.]

THE BIG BANG – The website that started it all

Today, I decided to explore my thoughts and interests, because, guess what? I’ve had this blog for almost two years!

As a refresher – this blog was an alternative, a blog just for me, after my trials and errors with a cutesy writing website. I made it when I was 11 or 12.

I, surprisingly, learned so much about people in general and about the responsibility of pleasing my viewers. I think that website, where I showcased my writings, however childish they may seem now, had finally clicked for me. Creating unknowingly changed my life. It was something I never told my parents about. Or all of my friends, despite its rising popularity. I wanted to be completely independent and learn things myself.

And I did! Not only did I explore and pave my path to finding my voice while writing, (which has always been important to me) I actually WROTE. Almost every day. I kept editing and I spent countless hours in front of the computer revising and revising and revising because I had an active audience who expected great things from me.

With motivation, I could transform from an awkward, shy girl into something like a superhero.

I learned how to manipulate photos and use photo editors, and just more about technology in general.

Those were the days! That website really affected me, and I am just realizing this now as I am typing. It was permission to give some of myself to the world, and I received positive reactions, not flying fruits! It was glorious. That is what inspired me to pursue a career in communications, or more specifically, journalism or creative writing.

Sadly, I faded out of this phase voluntarily because I spotted that those who loved and enjoyed my site were escaping the whole “pretty-graphics-on-a-webpage” phase as well. After many years, I decided I only had two choices:

1) Never update my website & slowly fade out of existence

2) Close it down with a proper good-bye and explanation, & give my viewers a substantial reason

So I chose option 2.

Rather than continually chugging out stories and writing tips for people who knew more about writing than I did, I decided to feed and cultivate the love I had for writing even more by exploring my “talents.”

This, TA-DA! Was my product. I’m quite satisfied.

I’ve looked back at my old website I put so much effort into, and I remembered making people so happy. When I closed it down, 14 people (hey, 14 is better than none) told me they were inspired to write more because of the dedication I put into my stories. I discovered I even had a secret fan club with an intimate 5 members who visited and raved over my stories every day. I realized I CAN do it. I can probably make it in the writing business – if I can attract a couple of hard-core fans without realizing it, I could probably attract more down the road if I worked hard.

I’ll tell you a secret – that was the best feeling in the world. To know that I had made a difference by simply having an enthusiasm for something that I already had a deep-rooted love for. Although sometimes I look back at my silly and frilly pink website with a cartoon elephant saying, “Welcome” on the home page, it really meant a lot to me, and it STILL means a lot to me. And that’s saying something, since I was only 11 or 12 when I made it, and I’m just a silly teenager who’s about to be 15 right now.

Many things  have changed. If you look back to some of my previous entries on this site, which stretch back to July 2011, you’ll see that I become increasingly sarcastic over the years! I’ve unconsciously stopped using an abundance of smiley faces, and my writing has become more formal. I’ve also written about more mature subjects. For example – this is the opening of a blog I wrote in August, 2011.

Hey guys! Wow, today was such a great day! Our grade had a retreat, all day, (no classes) at the gym of the neighboring church. My goodness, it was really fun & inspiring. We made play-doh monsters, skits, lectures, FREE FOOD, piggy-back races, races with the interns & basically, when we weren’t in the middle of an activity or lecture, we were partying :) Everyone was running around, dancing on chairs & spinning around & getting dizzy. (that’s what I did ^_^)

Ahh, how refreshing is that sweet child-like innocence?! I’m still a child, of course, but I’m just a little more sure of myself now and it’s pertinent.

The early years, and the scary books I wrote that freak me out now.

I started like any other person who love to write – by reading! My favorite book in Pre-K was Hippopotamus Wants to Take a Bath  and in Kindergarten, it was The Dying Cactus. Now that I think of it, I have no idea why a 4/5 year old was so intrigued by dying plants . . . but perhaps this inspired me to create my first “serious” – and rather morbid – story in 2nd grade.

But before that, my first story ever was called Flora Buttercup, a girl who lived in the Philippines. Yup. That’s it. (Don’t blame me, I was 6 when I wrote those 2 pages!)

My next one was when I was 7 – 9 years old, but I mostly remember 2nd grade. It was called The Deals and Julia. This is why it was morbid –

-Julia and her family go on a kayaking trip down a river

-What they don’t know is that river extended into a humongous waterfall

-The water fall was about 30 feet high.

-Julia, her parents, her little sister, and her baby brother fall down the waterfall.

-Her parents died because they didn’t know how to swim. I gave the reader false hope and I gave the parents a log to float on but then I made a wave, which washed it away, and therefore they drowned

-Her baby brother drowned

-Her sister hit her head on a rock on the way down, Julia saved her. But then the sister got bit by a poisonous banana spider, turned purple, and fell into the water, drowning.

. . . I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty morbid for someone who’s hasn’t lost all their teeth yet.

My point has been made – I’ve never been afraid to push boundaries and limit myself to what is “normal” and “acceptable” writing. In fact, I find writing about twisted murders, shady characters, and post-apocalyptic worlds  highly amusing. On the other hand, sometimes I write about sappy things, like teenage love stories because, I hate to admit it, I’m a romantic.

Over the course of the years I made more stories, and I won’t get into that because there are too many to count!

Something else, other than the website that really made me love writing even more (and more cocky that I already was) was winning gold at a district competition for Ready Writing. They give you a topic and you write as much or as little as you want about it, and it’s judged subjectively by a panel of 3 judges. There were 50 kids my age and a year older then me in the competition.

That’s my writing history, because quite frankly, I haven’t been alive for too long.

Why writing is an escape for me

I’ve always thought of writing as an escape. I’ve learned that words are malleable and can be manipulated to form the most beautiful and interesting passages, and I fell in love with that. Writing is a form of self-expression that tears down barriers in my mind and leaves a gateway into creativity and beauty! It’s so spectacular how amazing good writing can make me feel  – because of the many talented writers out there, I’ve been able to explore in a completely new way. I get chills when I read good books, I become so enveloped in the story and the characters that I want to create something that will make other people feel that way, as well.

I fell in love with those moments where a word just FITS so perfectly to convey my thoughts – at those moments, I am reminded of how words can be so incredibly powerful. I love how I can be completely stuck on what I’m writing and suddenly, images and words string themselves together to help me create a perfect affirmation of  what I’m writing. It’s a beautiful and mysterious thing that I can’t seem to shake off.

As much as I’ve been told I’m a good writer, I’ve had more times where people tell me there is no career in it. Some people don’t seem to take me seriously when I tell them, because later on, they either question it or they ask me again what I want to do. My answer will not waver. 

I’ve realized over the years that writing is something I’ve always considered and never negated. Although other careers like being a sociologist or teacher have been possibilities for me, nothing can beat the elation I feel when I write. It’s tough and sometimes drives me crazy, but perhaps that’s the “consequence” of becoming more accomplished and creating something I am proud of. I also love to write because it often comes out as wild and unpredictable, and free. The freedom is so sweet.


Although I don’t write as much as I used to,  I still feel the same raw and pure joy I feel when I put something together. I also can’t go a day without reading. And when I read, I dissect the words, I dissect the characters. I dissect the meanings of the book and how the writer used certain words to produce a certain effect. For some reason, I can’t just enjoy the story, I have to understand how the writer came to carry it out. I think that means something.

Call me cocky or inexperienced, or call me an inefficient girl who wants to make a name for herself one day, but doesn’t have the natural talent to. Or, tell me that I’m still a sapling in comparison to the greats and I have a lot to learn. I agree, I need to experience more things to truly be labeled a “writer,” because technically, I’m not one.

But I’ll tell you this – I do have a burning passion for writing, and people always tell me if you love what you do, keep doing it.

Reasons why I LOVE Happy People


Good DAY detectives!

Oh gee, life has been wonderful these past few days.  My first weeks of school have got me thinking about a certain . . . 


(THERE! I said it!) of people that practically ooze sunshine, sing silly songs, and skip wherever they go.  I have just a handful of those people in my life – and 98% of the time, I adore them, and in the other 2%, I am so jealous.

And why do these people make me fume?

Because sometimes I think – how can they be so happy when I’m so tired and I want to just throw tomatoes at everyone who talks to me?  How can they be singing and dancing while I have to keep my mouth shut so I don’t say something I’ll regret? 

But alas – with an exception of those days, I finally started to realize that those annoyingly sweet people are the ones that everyone around them a little happier.  Like yawns, happiness is super contagious. 

I enjoy being around people that are cheerful and friendly as opposed to those who are always wallowing in their problems, and are just so desperate for someone to ask them to homecoming because if no one takes them, they’ll automatically become crazy cat ladies. 

It’s funny, because my most cheerful friend was texting me and here what she said:

I think the people in my speech class are getting used to my weirdness. Or should I say uniqueness!! 

We had to do speeches and I accidentally  got hyper because someone was kind to me and I jumped up and down!! Man . . . it’s a good thing the teacher was nice! I didn’t get in trouble :) There were these two girls and they told me they loved me an I guess that isn’t kind but they said something sweet so all of a sudden my heart was filled because I was happy and then I became hyper lol!!! 

And I started to jump up and down and I even told the teacher I was happy so he gave me a waterbreak lol

You know what they say! If you are happy you cannot suppress it!! (I do not know if people say this or not but it’s true for me) 


Honestly? How can you not love this girl? So back to this main topic. 

I LOVE happy people because they make me happy.   They remind me not to stress out too much.  You know that heavy heart you get when you are absolutely -excuse my language- pissed? Well, compare that feeling with being happy.  Ba da boom.  Congratulations – shoulders =lighter.  Smile = looser.  Heart =soaring. 

They are the type of people I want to be like.  I’ve done so many things I have regretted, and sometimes my actions are tainted with several vices.  Without happy people in the world, I would have no role models and would therefore be a living dead, staring-at-my-shoes zombie or an I-HATE-YOU type of person.  No, just no!

They are fun to be around.  Who in the world wants to hear someone complaining on how their hair looks so oily that day?  And I don’t know about you, but that ONE friend that never wants to try something new always spoils the fun.  Happy people are more likely to be open to the world around them.

They are incredibly easy to approach.  Someone with a scowl glued to their face isn’t going to get any attention from this girl.  Friendly people are more comfortable to be around and they can launch a conversation to new heights. 

So there you go.  If you don’t have any happy people in your life right now, it’s fine!  To solve this problem, just BE that happy person and others will follow.

Thanks for reading!! :) And about my life right now, I have a personal school stalker (that’s been suspended twice) . . . that’s going to be on the bus with me tomorrow when my theater class sees a play. Wish this girl luck. 

Make sure to sing Disney songs in the morning,

kezi (my nickname at school now is Ma kay-kay.  Oh Lord, please give me strength.)

Here’s a happy song for the occasion :) Enjoy! 

And here’s Chris Colfer dancing to the Single Ladies, blowing all the girls in the background out of the water with those hips. Love you guys :D



First week of high school.. Ever!

Why hello there!

On August 2nd, last Thursday, I started my first day of high school as an incoming freshman knowing no one in my school at all.  There were only 20 new people coming into my grade.  Over those 9 days I was at school, here are some weird things that happened:

-My English teacher, dressed up in a 1970’s jumpsuit, was strangely disco dancing to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” when I walked in on the first day on Thursday

-My Advisory teacher cranked up the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song during class and we all sing along while his giant wall sized poster of Steven Tyler stared at us

-My Professional Communications teacher told us to not make her mad or else she’ll “become a stereotypical black woman”

-My crazy Australian P.E. teacher hit me on the shoulder with a Frisbee when we were running around the gym listening to “Ice ice Baby” on the speakers

-I was told I should “marry the guy next to me and have babies”

-I practiced falling down gracefully and I told my World Geography teacher’s son in my grade I “loved him”

-We went to a college on Monday, and in the middle of the presentation the speakers put on this song:

…. and asked for volunteers to dance to it.

-This awkward guy in my grade asked me to be his girlfriend

-I accidentally framed someone whom I “thought” switched and colored my lock .. when the whole time, I was trying to open the wrong locker

-Half the cafeteria fought for the pen to sign up when they figured out 3 Seniors were going to make a club for future doctors

-Someone in my class recited Geography facts really fast when our teachers asked someone to pick the greatest “talent”

… I LOVE MY SCHOOL!!  Most people are really friendly and the teachers (however crazy they may seem) know what they’re doing and they know how to make class more interesting.  I feel more intelligent already.

My first day of school went pretty smoothly as well.  In all my classes, we were pretty much just going over the rules and introducing ourselves.  We also did a bunch of group exercises so we could get to know each other.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ADVICE TIP 1: Talk to everyone you see or sit next to unless like look like they want to throw you in an arena of carnivorous hungry dragons.  3/4 of the people I hang out with at school today I met on the first day of school.  You only get one of those – don’t blow it and be shy. .. you’ll regret it at lunchtime!

I got lost a couple of times (despite having gone over where my classes were beforehand, and even drawing out a map for myself) but a friendly someone escorted me to the classes that were hard to find.  

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TIP 2:  People “label” you within the first 7 seconds that you start talking.  This is why it’s so important to be yourself.  And remember – walk into that door on the first day with CONFIDENCE.  Nothing is more attractive than this. 

When lunch time rolled around, I sat with around 15-20 people I met that day. 

Overall, I made a lot of fun friends and I learned a lot as well.  My 8 classes are:

A days: 

  • P.E
  • English 1
  • Professional Communications (equivalent to Speech. It just has a fancy name)
  • Theater ( I LOVE theater.  There are so many crazy people.  It is literally the class I wake up thinking about.)

B days:

  • World Geography
  • Geometry Honors
  • French 1
  • Biology Honors

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TIP 3:  When you wake up, do something that makes you happy!!  On the first day, I listened to Disney songs and watched an Allstar interview.  I jumped up and down because .. well.. it makes you feel silly!  By the time I got to school, I was already in a good mood.  This is crucial on your first day. 

That’s really all there is to say for my first week!  It sounded really crazy and action packed when I listed all the weird things that happened – but in reality, they didn’t happen all at once so it wasn’t too overwhelming.  I think this school year will be good for me because I’ve almost gotten used to public speaking.  In these 9 days, I’ve spoken in front of the class 7 times.  (No joke!)  It’s getting easier by the second :)

I wish you all the best!  Here’s a really awesome song I discovered that has an epic hippie scene at the end :) 



Perhaps.. it’s AMON.  From Legend of Korra.

PS:  I just updated my About Me page.  I hope you have a lovely day full of sunshine, laughter, pot bellied pigs and Mary Poppins.

That awkward time when..

That awkward time when…

– This girl and I, the same height, were walking towards the same thing and collided heads and collapsed to the floor.

-I went to an outlet mall for the whole day, and then when I got home, I realized there was a rip in the back of my pants.

– I tried to kill a spider with a knife

– a snake almost slithered into my shoe

– I accidentally put on the wrong pair a shoes that weren’t mine. It was a boy’s.

– I almost beat up my poor stuffed panda because I thought it was a murderer in my room at night

– I opened the car door, and then it hit my shin. Then I opened the other car door, which hit the other shin

– I almost gave myself a black eye by trying the get the handle unstuck from my rolling backpack a couple of years ago

– We were talking about the officers of NJHS/NHS and listing the officers. I said “Presbyterian” instead of “Parliamentarian.”

– I forgot how to write the number 7.

– I scored a point for my volleyball team when the ball bounced off my forehead and over the net again, leaving the other team surprised

– I said the wrong responsorial psalm at mass, and the priest came to confront me afterwards

– I dropped the holy Eucharist and tried to ask the priest for another one (i didn’t know that I could’ve just picked it up and eat it..)

– I wrote a story about a girl who went with her family on a trip. Then they fell down a waterfall and got killed. Only her and her sister survived, but then a banana spider bit her and she died. The main character then stuffed herself in a crate of oranges (which her family took canoeing, just in case they wanted an extra snack) and sailed the seas until she washed up on the beach, on an mystic island called Saybing and a family who sold cupcakes in a cup adopted her when she knocked on their door. I wrote this when I turned 8 :)

– My friends parents walked in and thought we were drinking alcohol (it was cream soda)

– My friend whom I call “Milk Moose” believed me when I told her a bought a male dog named Victoria and announced it to the whole class.

– I was called up to the board at Social Studies to draw trade routes and I drew a line around a country in Europe instead of Madagascar

– I thought that Alaska was below the United States, because that’s where it usually was on the map

– Everyone started to crowd around me at the school dance because I apparently was rolling on the floor crying because my favorite band (Allstar) was playing

– My math teacher punched me in the face (it was an accident, she was showing off her water aerobic moves)

– I was at my friend’s house and we were playing a Mario game, one that involved Peach getting saved by Donkey Kong (I think) and them kissing.  My friend told me, “That’s what we should be doing right now.”

– Someone flipped me off because I was dancing badly while holding up a Sonic sign for a fundraiser for the school


As you can see, I’ve been through a lot of time that were very embarrassing  awkward.  Are there any equally awkward times for you? haha

ANYWAYS! I can’t seem to get off this subject! I was thinking of re-doing this blog, because I’ve had this theme for nearly 6 months, and I’m getting bored looking at it. I wish I could use some of the themes I found online, not just the ones from the wordpress catalog. If anyone knows of any way I can do that, please tell me! :)

PS – I was going to do a song of the day, but to stick with the whole awkward theme, here’s a video of the King of Sassy and the God of Awkward.

Cute, isn’t he?? He also happens to be my crush..