How I Began to Love Writing ~

Good DAY, detectives!

Once again, this blog has been as lonesome as those sorry little tumbleweeds in western movies for the past . . . couple of months?! I apologize – my schoolwork has swept me off my feet and dumped my free time into, well, a bottomless abyss.

[Now for a rather watery-eyed confession from me, Kezi, but if you love to write, you’re going to read this because you’re curious. Like all writers, you’re curious as to how other crazy people like you started out.]

THE BIG BANG – The website that started it all

Today, I decided to explore my thoughts and interests, because, guess what? I’ve had this blog for almost two years!

As a refresher – this blog was an alternative, a blog just for me, after my trials and errors with a cutesy writing website. I made it when I was 11 or 12.

I, surprisingly, learned so much about people in general and about the responsibility of pleasing my viewers. I think that website, where I showcased my writings, however childish they may seem now, had finally clicked for me. Creating unknowingly changed my life. It was something I never told my parents about. Or all of my friends, despite its rising popularity. I wanted to be completely independent and learn things myself.

And I did! Not only did I explore and pave my path to finding my voice while writing, (which has always been important to me) I actually WROTE. Almost every day. I kept editing and I spent countless hours in front of the computer revising and revising and revising because I had an active audience who expected great things from me.

With motivation, I could transform from an awkward, shy girl into something like a superhero.

I learned how to manipulate photos and use photo editors, and just more about technology in general.

Those were the days! That website really affected me, and I am just realizing this now as I am typing. It was permission to give some of myself to the world, and I received positive reactions, not flying fruits! It was glorious. That is what inspired me to pursue a career in communications, or more specifically, journalism or creative writing.

Sadly, I faded out of this phase voluntarily because I spotted that those who loved and enjoyed my site were escaping the whole “pretty-graphics-on-a-webpage” phase as well. After many years, I decided I only had two choices:

1) Never update my website & slowly fade out of existence

2) Close it down with a proper good-bye and explanation, & give my viewers a substantial reason

So I chose option 2.

Rather than continually chugging out stories and writing tips for people who knew more about writing than I did, I decided to feed and cultivate the love I had for writing even more by exploring my “talents.”

This, TA-DA! Was my product. I’m quite satisfied.

I’ve looked back at my old website I put so much effort into, and I remembered making people so happy. When I closed it down, 14 people (hey, 14 is better than none) told me they were inspired to write more because of the dedication I put into my stories. I discovered I even had a secret fan club with an intimate 5 members who visited and raved over my stories every day. I realized I CAN do it. I can probably make it in the writing business – if I can attract a couple of hard-core fans without realizing it, I could probably attract more down the road if I worked hard.

I’ll tell you a secret – that was the best feeling in the world. To know that I had made a difference by simply having an enthusiasm for something that I already had a deep-rooted love for. Although sometimes I look back at my silly and frilly pink website with a cartoon elephant saying, “Welcome” on the home page, it really meant a lot to me, and it STILL means a lot to me. And that’s saying something, since I was only 11 or 12 when I made it, and I’m just a silly teenager who’s about to be 15 right now.

Many things  have changed. If you look back to some of my previous entries on this site, which stretch back to July 2011, you’ll see that I become increasingly sarcastic over the years! I’ve unconsciously stopped using an abundance of smiley faces, and my writing has become more formal. I’ve also written about more mature subjects. For example – this is the opening of a blog I wrote in August, 2011.

Hey guys! Wow, today was such a great day! Our grade had a retreat, all day, (no classes) at the gym of the neighboring church. My goodness, it was really fun & inspiring. We made play-doh monsters, skits, lectures, FREE FOOD, piggy-back races, races with the interns & basically, when we weren’t in the middle of an activity or lecture, we were partying :) Everyone was running around, dancing on chairs & spinning around & getting dizzy. (that’s what I did ^_^)

Ahh, how refreshing is that sweet child-like innocence?! I’m still a child, of course, but I’m just a little more sure of myself now and it’s pertinent.

The early years, and the scary books I wrote that freak me out now.

I started like any other person who love to write – by reading! My favorite book in Pre-K was Hippopotamus Wants to Take a Bath  and in Kindergarten, it was The Dying Cactus. Now that I think of it, I have no idea why a 4/5 year old was so intrigued by dying plants . . . but perhaps this inspired me to create my first “serious” – and rather morbid – story in 2nd grade.

But before that, my first story ever was called Flora Buttercup, a girl who lived in the Philippines. Yup. That’s it. (Don’t blame me, I was 6 when I wrote those 2 pages!)

My next one was when I was 7 – 9 years old, but I mostly remember 2nd grade. It was called The Deals and Julia. This is why it was morbid –

-Julia and her family go on a kayaking trip down a river

-What they don’t know is that river extended into a humongous waterfall

-The water fall was about 30 feet high.

-Julia, her parents, her little sister, and her baby brother fall down the waterfall.

-Her parents died because they didn’t know how to swim. I gave the reader false hope and I gave the parents a log to float on but then I made a wave, which washed it away, and therefore they drowned

-Her baby brother drowned

-Her sister hit her head on a rock on the way down, Julia saved her. But then the sister got bit by a poisonous banana spider, turned purple, and fell into the water, drowning.

. . . I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty morbid for someone who’s hasn’t lost all their teeth yet.

My point has been made – I’ve never been afraid to push boundaries and limit myself to what is “normal” and “acceptable” writing. In fact, I find writing about twisted murders, shady characters, and post-apocalyptic worlds  highly amusing. On the other hand, sometimes I write about sappy things, like teenage love stories because, I hate to admit it, I’m a romantic.

Over the course of the years I made more stories, and I won’t get into that because there are too many to count!

Something else, other than the website that really made me love writing even more (and more cocky that I already was) was winning gold at a district competition for Ready Writing. They give you a topic and you write as much or as little as you want about it, and it’s judged subjectively by a panel of 3 judges. There were 50 kids my age and a year older then me in the competition.

That’s my writing history, because quite frankly, I haven’t been alive for too long.

Why writing is an escape for me

I’ve always thought of writing as an escape. I’ve learned that words are malleable and can be manipulated to form the most beautiful and interesting passages, and I fell in love with that. Writing is a form of self-expression that tears down barriers in my mind and leaves a gateway into creativity and beauty! It’s so spectacular how amazing good writing can make me feel  – because of the many talented writers out there, I’ve been able to explore in a completely new way. I get chills when I read good books, I become so enveloped in the story and the characters that I want to create something that will make other people feel that way, as well.

I fell in love with those moments where a word just FITS so perfectly to convey my thoughts – at those moments, I am reminded of how words can be so incredibly powerful. I love how I can be completely stuck on what I’m writing and suddenly, images and words string themselves together to help me create a perfect affirmation of  what I’m writing. It’s a beautiful and mysterious thing that I can’t seem to shake off.

As much as I’ve been told I’m a good writer, I’ve had more times where people tell me there is no career in it. Some people don’t seem to take me seriously when I tell them, because later on, they either question it or they ask me again what I want to do. My answer will not waver. 

I’ve realized over the years that writing is something I’ve always considered and never negated. Although other careers like being a sociologist or teacher have been possibilities for me, nothing can beat the elation I feel when I write. It’s tough and sometimes drives me crazy, but perhaps that’s the “consequence” of becoming more accomplished and creating something I am proud of. I also love to write because it often comes out as wild and unpredictable, and free. The freedom is so sweet.


Although I don’t write as much as I used to,  I still feel the same raw and pure joy I feel when I put something together. I also can’t go a day without reading. And when I read, I dissect the words, I dissect the characters. I dissect the meanings of the book and how the writer used certain words to produce a certain effect. For some reason, I can’t just enjoy the story, I have to understand how the writer came to carry it out. I think that means something.

Call me cocky or inexperienced, or call me an inefficient girl who wants to make a name for herself one day, but doesn’t have the natural talent to. Or, tell me that I’m still a sapling in comparison to the greats and I have a lot to learn. I agree, I need to experience more things to truly be labeled a “writer,” because technically, I’m not one.

But I’ll tell you this – I do have a burning passion for writing, and people always tell me if you love what you do, keep doing it.

Fun ‘What-Would-You-Do-Questions!”

I love answering these kind of questions. “What would you do if..”  I’ll answer some today :)

1)  If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I would say good bye to all my loved ones & friends, of course. Then I’d go do something outrageous. Like I’d dress up like a banana with my friends (or maybe just one, I think only one out of all of them would do it) & go running around in the streets. I’d attempt to go surfing &  I’d do everything I’d want to do in my life & do it in that one day. I’d apologize to people if I’d ever hurt them, I’d say thank you, I’d tell all the ‘mean’ people in my class what I really felt about them (harsh, i know..) & basically I’d have the time of my life. When I’m in Heaven or something I don’t want to look back & see all the things I regret or could have done, but didn’t. 

2) If you could ask God any one question, what would it be?

“When will I die?” It’s a depressing question I know, but I want to be prepared so that in the time I have left, I can live my life to the fullest.

3) If you could be another man or woman for a day, who would you choose?

I’d be my sister :p She just has it all good, everything figured out, she has so many friends, she’s smart & very pretty, inside & out. Right now she’s living it up in SD.

4) If you could date a celebrity, who would you choose?

Easy. Zachary David Porter. Ugh, I can’t get enough of him! He’s so sweet, funny, kind & .. awkward.. but that’s what makes him amazing. He’s also a great song writer, singer, musician & he’s just really down-to-earth. Please bear with me. 

5) If you could speak any other language (besides English) which language would you like to speak?

I’d speak French. French is just so beautiful, seriously. Every time I hear a person speak it, I think of class. Weird, I know, it’s just a classy language.

 6) If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

I’d wish for world peace. But I’m not entirely sure. I’m convinced everything happens for a reason. Maybe bad people were put on the earth to make us stronger. So I’d probably scratch that. I’d wish that innocent, good people would all have a long, happy life with no sorrow or pain. It’s what they really deserve. It’s what everyone deserves. 

7) If you had to choose between love and no money or money and no love for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Of course love. What do you think those people who have no money have? All they have is love. And that’s what keep them going. That’s what keeps them moving everyday- love. That’s really all you need.

8) If you had to choose, would you give up your sight or your hearing?

I would give up hearing. The world is just too beautiful to give up my vision. If I was deaf I could always learn how to sign & read lips. I think I’d be alright :)

9) If you were asked to choose which time period you would like to live in, which would you choose?

I’d live in the 70’s, baby! That sounds like fun. Fantastic colors, great music & awesome, outrageous clothing. Peace would be trending. Discos! Wow, that would be amazing. And best of all, it’s all before things start getting complicated with the computers & iPhones & such. I love the advanced technology we have today, but sometimes I think it has many downsides. My goodness. I’d never admit it in front of her, but Lucy, you were right; I am a hippie  -__- Check out this 70’s song: it’s so amazing! And so catchy! And so groovy! (pun intended)  haha ♥

10) If you were given choice to live as long as you like, how long would you like to live?

I’d live until I’m 100. So then I could see how much things had changed since I was born. Honestly, that’s the only reason. I wouldn’t want to live any longer than that – my friends & fam would’ve already been passed away; I couldn’t live without company. I would never choose to live forever. Then I’d never go to Heaven- the only place you would ever be truly happy :( Besides – when the world explodes or whatever, what what happen?? Would I just be floating in Space?? No way Jose!  

10 questions is all for now :) Just so you guys know- I probably won’t be on again in a very long time. A few weeks, maybe? I promise no longer than that :) I’m going on vacation tomorrow (oh dang, I need to pack -__-) & I’ll be gone for a week. When I get back it’s going to be all about school – uniforms & supplies. Sadly I won’t be able to post as much when school starts :( But in the meantime, you can watch these awesome videos!! :) I found most of these on StumbleUpon. All of these are amazing! Hope you enjoy them!! 

These are also amazing..:

I found the following on StumbleUpon & I can’t insert them on this page, so just click on the link if you please. All of them are interesting so give them a try! ♥

Water ink!

T-shirt wars!!

Cute ducky~!

Piano stairs-   

Your handwriting made into a font!    

AMAZING spray painter!~    

Cool water fountain in Japan!!   

A new way to paint –  

Beautiful how to instructions on how to paint a beautiful forest!~   

If you want to watch Lion King again, here’s the whole movie haha!   

I know, I know :p I think this is a really great song! It’s really catchy & it’s one of their new songs. It hasn’t been released it, this is the live version :) 

That’s all for today :) Let me know which video is your favorite! Please note again that I won’t be on in about 1-2 weeks. I better go pack now, so I hope you guys have a great week! I’ll be back soon, I promise :)

Dreams & To Do List


Phew! I hope the weather’s cool where ever you are! Where I live it’s so hot, like 104 degrees everyday :( I love summer but I can’t go outside or anything or else I’d be scorched :( People aren’t even going to the pool anymore!! >_< It was so funny yesterday because my dad & I were on our way to a baseball game (for my mom’s b-day, it was in a suite) & I had.. rollers.. in my hair (because I don’t want to use a straightening/curling iron everyday, it would damage my hair) & when I took them off, my dad said:

“You look like a-” 

“Like a movie star?”

“No. Like a grandma.”

:p Pfftt. Well. It was funny :)

Anyways.. I’d better get the show started. I’m going to make a list of things I want to do before I die (if I post them on here, I’ll never forget ^_^ ) & future careers :p Let’s see..

Dream ♥ Careers:

  • I really want to become a published author :) I know it’s absolutely hard work, but I love being able to control where the story goes & if I get published, that would be so rewarding. Just to think that it’s my book (my book!) would be like a dream to me. I want to be able to influence & inspire people with my writing. 
  • If the whole author thing doesn’t work out, I’d definitely settle for being a journalist. Especially a journalist that travels to different countries, or observes animals. Sometimes I feel maybe being an author isn’t really for me, because when I try to write chapter books, I always stray from it, even if I’m passionate about the topic. But the thing is, I like writing short stories, essays & articles.. basically nothing that’s too permanent or too long. It would be fun to deliver news to people. If I were a journalist I’d like to review fun things, like out of the country trips or shops/restaurants. I think that would be very fun. 
  • Interior designer. I love designing things-websites (you can tell), cards, book covers, & creating layouts. I would seriously settle for interior design. I would love to coordinate the wall colors with the furniture, arrange the layout of the furniture (not to mention pick it!) & make the house I’m designing unique. If I were to do that, I’d have a program that designs/decorates homes for people who need help financially or are going through difficult times (like Extreme Makeover:Home Edition) so I can make a big impact on their lives & have while doing it! :)
  • Wedding Coordinator. Gosh. I love weddings. It would be awesome to coordinate/design(as you know, I like designing things) things for the bride & groom to make their day special. It would be fun to arrange the flowers, decorate where the reception is going to be held, etc. 
  • Calligrapher. I think calligraphy is beautiful. Even though right now my handwriting looks nothing like calligraphy, I would love for it to look like a calligrapher’s :p  I think it’s a tough job but maybe I could do it :) I would have fun addressing things for people. 
  • Web Designer. Again, something that has to do with design. I really enjoy designing websites. If I were to become a web designer I would have to learn a bunch of coding though :p I’m not sure if I’m up to that. I only know the basic fundamentals of HTML & that’s about it, but I’m sure I can grow on it if I really wanted to.
  • Teacher. Not the college professor type. I definitely don’t have the brains for that. More like a kindergarden teacher :)  I love working with little kids, no matter how sick they always make me. I like them because most of them aren’t complicated-it’s all simple “play with toys” or “play outside” kinda stuff that I like, none of that real “drama” that comes with the package of junior high & high school. I work well with kids- although I don’t have any younger siblings, I have enough patience for them, & I don’t mind playing with toys again ;)
Here’s part 2 of this ridiculously long blog :)
Thing to do before I die:
  • Publish a book
  • Save at least one person’s life, it doesn’t matter how
  • Make someone’s life a lot happier 
  • Register to be an organ donor 
  • Adopt a child after marriage (if I ever get married, which I hope to do :p)
  • Adopt a seal (pay money monthly to help take care of a sick one, I love them)
  • Meet Allstar Weekend ♥ (just had to throw that in there)
  • Learn how to play at least one instrument very well (preferably the piano or sax, I tried the alto sax for a year & love it, but that’s another story)
  • Travel the world 
  • Make my relationships better with my cousins :p
  • Go scuba diving
  • Get a tattoo (haha, just kidding on that one, I would never get a tattoo O__o)
  • Learn how to ride a bike (I still don’t know how, I’m horrible at balancing)
  • Learn how to ice skate …
  • Learn how to roller blade (I can’t do anything -__-)
  • Go to an amazing concert (preferably adub’s)
  • Have an epic snowball fight with tons of people!
  • Become a very smart person!!! 
  • Make the world a better place because of something I did that will be beneficial to everyone! 
I think that’s all for now :) I have so many more packed in the back of my mind but there’s too many to mention, those are just the main ones :) Sorry if I bored you. So what are your dreams for  the future? I think it’s interesting. Have a nice day, thank you very much for reading! :)
My Hello Kitty neighborhood! ♥ I absolutely love Hello Kitty. I’m sorry the picture isn’t very good quality :( The coloring looks much better in real life, lol. Have a good one :)

More Plinky Questions :)

Hi everyone! Here are some more Plinky questions that I received by email this week. Yesterday I wrote a role play game for you guys! It’s set in the Medieval Times, that’s all I’m gonna say. I worked really hard on it & I think you guys will like it! I would post pics of the making but I can’t figure out how to hook up my camera to the computer! I just don’t know where to insert the camera end (not the computer part)  -__- (I’m not good at that kind of stuff) I’m not posting it today because I’m on a limited time frame. It’s very long :) But fun :) So I’ll do this instead. Another thing- I won’t be able to post in a while, sorry :( My mom & dad’s b-days are coming up & there’s going to be a lot of stuff coming up, so enjoy this post! :)

1) Have you ever lived doutside of the country you were born in? 

Nope. I’ve lived in the US all my life, & I’ve stayed in the same state all my life :D

2) Name someone who has a great voice. 

I would say one of my friends, (or all of them, they all have nice voices) but since you guys don’t know them, this girl named Macy Maloy has an awesome voice. Both her talking voice & her singing voice are both very nice. Here she is! :)

And this lady who used to be one of my favorite artists, Priscilla Ahn! Listen :) Her voice is so beautiful & pure. 


& of course both of them are gorgeous :) There’s a bunch of other people I didn’t mention, so many people have awesome voices! 

3) What’s the perfect age to retire? How will you know when you’re ready?

Um .. o__o That’s a bit far from now .. I don’t even have a job.. 

4) Describe the longest road trip you’ve ever taken. 

I went all across the US mostly by car a couple of years ago.. that was probably the longest car ride, but I don’t really remember it very well :( 

5) Is the book always better than the movie? Are there any exceptions?

For most of the books I read, the book is usually better in my opinion. Although it’s wonderful for some people to see a book be turned into a movie, I prefer books instead. I say this because the book (unless it’s super descriptive) lets the reader form their own unique images of the story & scenery & characters without being given the a specific image which you would find if you watched the movie. Wow. That probably just sounded like mush to you :( What I’m trying to say is: with books, b/c there are no specific pictures, the reader can imagine what the character looks like, or what the scene looks like themselves. Everyone interprets the book differently. Some people might imagine the main to have freckles & large teeth, & another person could think they main has smooth olive skin & regular teeth, if you know what I mean. Whereas in the movies, the reader/viewer is given a specific ‘look’ of the character, which sometimes doesn’t let your imagination really thrive. Same as with pronunciation of names- one person could pronounce the name differently than you. This gives the reader extra space the develop their imagination, as if they were a second writer to the books. That’s what I love about reading & writing books. The reader plays a big part in the expedition. Dang. I really need to stop thinking so much. 

6) If you could banish one person from your life who would it be? Why?

Ouch. That’s a harsh question :( I don’t think I’d want to “banish” (I’m not an emperor!) anyone from my life. Sure, I disagree with people very strongly sometimes, but I think everything (and everyone) comes into our lives for a reason. Maybe this ‘person’ was put into my life to make me stronger. You never know.

7) What were must-have toys when you were a little kid? 

:) I really liked Barbie dolls (sometimes I detached the head. Oops!) I liked my Hello Kitty toys, & I used to have a bunch of stuffed animals, which I pretended that they had tea together :) I also really liked doll houses. But my favorite were books. I just loved to read, even when I was younger :p


:) That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed everyone! I’ll post again soon, I promise. And when I do, it’s going to be a role play game! Woohoo! ♥ Hope you have a nice weekend :)

PS- I was just listening to Rebecca black’s new music vid. It’s not that bad, it’s really good actually! I find it so harsh that people are still hating on her. I respect that despite everything that’s happened to her, she’s still doing her dream, & she won’t stop for anyone. Yes, I agree that Friday wasn’t my favorite, but clearly she’s changed! How come after one song people are bombing her with insults & everything?? Don’t they have morals?? I don’t understand why people are so mean. She has talent, she’s a good singer & she’s very pretty. Why do they have to go out of their way to make her life horrible :p Geez. People can be so inconsiderate. #hatersaregonnahate

Plinky Prompts ~

I forgot I signed up for this thing called Plinky, which I don’t really use, but today I got an e-mail asking me to answer all the prompts from last week. They are decent questions, so from now on I guess if I keep getting emails from them I’ll answer new ones whenever they send some to me on here :) So, here are my answers. 

1) If you could get away with committing one crime, what would you do?

       I honestly have no idea. I really don’t want to commit a crime, even if I could get away w/ it ;p (^__^ I know I’m boring)

2) What do you worry about?

     I seriously worry about everything :( I worry about grades, my fam & friends, the milk expiration date, when my glitter pens will run out of ink, how many tissues I need to bring, whether or not my flowers will grow this year, etc. I tend to over think things too much :)

3) Do you think money can buy happiness?

Hm. Well, my real answer is that yes, I think money can buy happiness. But I’m not talking about a new video game, or splurging on iPods & game systems, I’m talking about things that you need to survive that money can buy. An example is a house to keep you sheltered, insurance for when you get sick, & of course food (to live!!) & education (which will benefit you later on in life.) If you don’t have money, I doubt you could  buy any of those things for yourself (not including assistance) & I think you need those to be happy. Well, at least, I would need those to be happy :p But if you’re really a trooper, and you’re an optimistic, I guess you can go on without that stuff. And of course, family’s really important too, you don’t need money for that :) 

4) Do you feel obligated to finish all the books you start reading?

Um, judging by all the unfinished books on my bookshelf, I guess no :) Because I am a “sort-of writer,” naturally I want don’t want an author’s hard work & dedication to go to waste. But then I realize if I’m not interested in the book, then it’s just not for me to read at that time. So no, I don’t really feel obligated to finish a book.

5) You just acquired a magic wand. What will you use it for? 

Opening locks. Alohamora. Summoning objects. Accio french fry ;) Levitating objects. Wingardium Levisoa! Creating light. Lumos! Erasing people’s memories! Obliviate! And of course.. killing people! Advada Kadarva! (jk on that one)


6) What form of exercise do you like most? 

     Um, I don’t really like exercising in general :( But if I had to choose, I would pick jumproping & playing v-ball.

7) What’s your favorite summertime sound? 

      I really enjoy hearing the crickets chirp at night. It’s like a beautiful symphony, each individual cricket is using its voice to create an overall pleasing melody. I’m kidding. I really detest bugs, & just hearing them chirp makes me think of all the ones I can’t see but are crawling around at that very moment :( My real fav summertime sound is .. the ice cream truck! I love the ice cream truck tune, it’s cute & it screams summer :)

I guess that’s all for now! & before you go, please vote on this poll :) Even if you already voted, that’s ok, vote again! I really would prefer you to choose just one answer, so I can really narrow it down :)

Okey-dokey~ I’m probably not going to post tomorrow, because I’ll be out all day WATCHING THE HARRY POTTER PREMIERE :) (sorry, I’m excited..) & other stuff of course. Oh yes! I also got a pretty new journal yesterday :) 

It’s so pwetty :) I also like it because it has no spiral, which makes things so much easier ’cause imma lefty ;) Have a good one :)



If you understand this picture, then you’re cool :) This makes you 20x cooler/nicer/cuter/more adorable /funnier Cam! ♥