5 more brilliant new artists (PT 2)

A couple of days ago, I posted 10 brilliant new artists that’ll steal your heart PT 1 and promised five more that have stolen mine. Here they are, in 8…7…


Songs by The Crookes rocket me into space — their heavy electric guitar solos and steady percussions take a different route when paired with George Waite’s sultry, encompassing voice. The melancholy, almost lethargic quality of these British indie rockers make their songs perfect for reflection and as company on rainy days. Get lost in the depth of their music, blast them, and they’ll pretty much wiggle into your soul. PS: They’re all literature majors, meaning their lyrics are intimate, poetic, and … brilliant. And we all like intelligent British musicians, yes?


For a second date, my boyfriend took me to an Air Review concert — let’s just say that was a stellar night. Air Review’s a quiet kind of band, scarcely advertised by the humble members that produce the mellow Indie music. Though they’re little known local Texans, they’re a gem with mind-blowing progressions, piano melodies, and hella soothing vocals. Their name matches their style: light to the ears but powerful and catchy as ever.


No one understands the perfection of quirky Kimbra. No one. Despite her stranger-than-average (*Correction: better-than-average) music videos and chameleon hair colors, she remains incredibly classy and her vocal range grows with every new, upbeat pop tune. She overflows with passion, exuberance, and electricity, not to mention her songs will stick to your mind like clingy jellyfish. ALSO: She can dance. ~BONUS POINTS~


This indie rock/alternative band is mad talented. The variations of their songs, strong instruments, and soothing, feel-good vibes never fail to send seizing chills through my bones. Close your eyes while you’re listening and you’ll see colors; open your heart to them and you might even shed a few tears. Their music is sweet, nostalgic, brilliantly composed, and lastly, highly recommended.


Perhaps it’s the teenage girl in me but … *swoon.* These (*cough* BRITISH *cough*) rockers are charmers. Though their high-quality music and melodies are crisp and very 80s-rock inspired, the lead’s voice was what stole my heart. The frontman doesn’t lose his accent when he sings, and his pronunciation and gritty voice actually made me wish I had “One Night Only” with him… Kidding, kidding, ’twas only a pun. (Maybe) PS: This music video has Emma Watson in it. Watch for perfection overload.

…And that concludes it, hopefully you’ve enjoyed rocking out to these amazingly talented artists! Drop a comment and feel free to suggest, half of these were suggested to me by family and friends.Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you whenever inspiration smites. 


10 brilliant new artists that’ll steal your heart (PT 1)

So, we have the all-American girl band, the strange electronica, a couple overdosing happy pills, the very European-sounding American sextet… Welcome to the world of eclectic music, all fairly green bands with a flavor for rhythm and making music art. This is my personal playlist of addicting tunes, I do hope you enjoy! Here’s some quality music in 3…2…


First came across HAIM as a recommendation in Teen Vogue, and hot shnitzel!, these sisters are gorgeous geeks who know their identity like the backs of their hands. Their songs are chill, “synth-pop and Fleetwood-mac rock inspired” tunes that remind me of summer. What’s amazing is that it’s just them, the sisters, the best friends, the musicians with bluesy voices that can also rock a guitar solo. ‘


The deep warmth of French horns, the organ, a prickly accordion … These are all instruments found in nearly every Beirut song, which are usually indie folk jams. Zach Condon, the lead singer, has a warm vibrato voice that raises goosebumps. When paired with the rich, delicious blend of horns and a catchy melody, each song becomes an escape into a what feels like an early 20th century paradise.


They’re a couple. A darn cute one, in fact — Matt’s the voice of the duo with his boyish, perky voice, and Kim is the wicked talented drummer who loves to dance. Their “giddy, punky pop music” is perfect for uplifting (or continuing already chipper) moods. Always positive, always polished, and always … well, a little strange, this band’ll have you both dancing and fangirling over the perfection that is their coupledom faster than you can say MATT&KIM!


A little more laid-back than the other three. City and Colour is a one-man show that runs incredibly smoothly. Dallas Green, a singer-songwriter, specializes in beautiful acoustic melodies that complement his voice, which practically drips with honey. This simple artist is a diamond in the rough  who truly distinguishes himself — I mean, Green oozes passion and personality — what’s not to like? (Not to mention his glasses are SPECtacular. Oh, that was terrible..)


I must admit — the Postal Service uses quick, lively techno beats to disguise the depressing lyrics of their songs. But guess what? They get away with it. This band has a lethargic, wistful kind of sadness that aches for a more idealistic society, but their music wins an award for their song variety and catchy beats. Fans of Death Cab for Cutie will perk up knowing their very own Ben Gibbard is the vocalist even if this band has long since disintegrated from the musical sphere.

_That’s all for today — 5 more amazing artists will be posted sometime this week! I love these artists with all my heart and feel they’ve so much more potential to grow if they had a few more supporters. (exception: #5) Hope you enjoyed listening as much as I have. Stay tuned!

Brittney the UNICORN show

Hola everyone!! 

I miss you guys! I’m sorry I’ve been inactive , but I haven’t given up on this site yet! Yesterday I hosted probably the best Christmas party ever. Two of my friends couldn’t make it, but it was still the craziest ever!! 

Here is a video of my friends & I doing the Brittney the Unicorn show!! (There’s a lot more to it – it’s just we had to stop recording on my camera because there was no sound) I’m the one next sitting next to Brittney the Unicorn, with the red shirt on haha.

That was just our first take. We did a bunch of segments including:

Pretty lil Princess – starring: my friend who knows all the words to the mighty B song, a girl in a poodle dress, my friends with bath robes on, and my game “Pretty Pretty Princess”

Zombie Pandas – starring: my friend with a panda beanie on and very very scared, seizure – prone news reporters

Celeb fashion – a debate on how converse were made “60 years ago” and guys with skinny jeans. starring: 2 ‘fashionistas’ and an indignant camera girl

Asian drama – starring: a depressed Vietnamese girl who’s only friend is a Snuggie, which eventually leaves her

5 dollar foot long – starring: 3 girls who can’t seem to count on their fingers and hello kitty

Another Taylor Lautner segment – starring: a very happy fangirl, and another fangirl that enjoys tackling other fangirls

Update from Paris – we realize that the Eiffel Tower is actually a spaceship, and blasted off to the moon. Whoops – we mistook the moon for Brittney the Unicorn’s hair. So yes, Brittney The U. stuck a foot long metal Eiffel Tower into her hair

It was so much fun! Hopefully I’ll be able to post the real vids, because the one that I posted was only a practice :) I’ll really really try to post another video, but I’m mostly addicted to my tumblr! I can’t stop using it! You can contact me there via my ask box :)

Merry Christmas everybody!! 

♥ Kezi – parasolrose.tumblr.com


Fun ‘What-Would-You-Do-Questions!”

I love answering these kind of questions. “What would you do if..”  I’ll answer some today :)

1)  If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I would say good bye to all my loved ones & friends, of course. Then I’d go do something outrageous. Like I’d dress up like a banana with my friends (or maybe just one, I think only one out of all of them would do it) & go running around in the streets. I’d attempt to go surfing &  I’d do everything I’d want to do in my life & do it in that one day. I’d apologize to people if I’d ever hurt them, I’d say thank you, I’d tell all the ‘mean’ people in my class what I really felt about them (harsh, i know..) & basically I’d have the time of my life. When I’m in Heaven or something I don’t want to look back & see all the things I regret or could have done, but didn’t. 

2) If you could ask God any one question, what would it be?

“When will I die?” It’s a depressing question I know, but I want to be prepared so that in the time I have left, I can live my life to the fullest.

3) If you could be another man or woman for a day, who would you choose?

I’d be my sister :p She just has it all good, everything figured out, she has so many friends, she’s smart & very pretty, inside & out. Right now she’s living it up in SD.

4) If you could date a celebrity, who would you choose?

Easy. Zachary David Porter. Ugh, I can’t get enough of him! He’s so sweet, funny, kind & .. awkward.. but that’s what makes him amazing. He’s also a great song writer, singer, musician & he’s just really down-to-earth. Please bear with me. 

5) If you could speak any other language (besides English) which language would you like to speak?

I’d speak French. French is just so beautiful, seriously. Every time I hear a person speak it, I think of class. Weird, I know, it’s just a classy language.

 6) If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

I’d wish for world peace. But I’m not entirely sure. I’m convinced everything happens for a reason. Maybe bad people were put on the earth to make us stronger. So I’d probably scratch that. I’d wish that innocent, good people would all have a long, happy life with no sorrow or pain. It’s what they really deserve. It’s what everyone deserves. 

7) If you had to choose between love and no money or money and no love for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Of course love. What do you think those people who have no money have? All they have is love. And that’s what keep them going. That’s what keeps them moving everyday- love. That’s really all you need.

8) If you had to choose, would you give up your sight or your hearing?

I would give up hearing. The world is just too beautiful to give up my vision. If I was deaf I could always learn how to sign & read lips. I think I’d be alright :)

9) If you were asked to choose which time period you would like to live in, which would you choose?

I’d live in the 70’s, baby! That sounds like fun. Fantastic colors, great music & awesome, outrageous clothing. Peace would be trending. Discos! Wow, that would be amazing. And best of all, it’s all before things start getting complicated with the computers & iPhones & such. I love the advanced technology we have today, but sometimes I think it has many downsides. My goodness. I’d never admit it in front of her, but Lucy, you were right; I am a hippie  -__- Check out this 70’s song: it’s so amazing! And so catchy! And so groovy! (pun intended)  haha ♥

10) If you were given choice to live as long as you like, how long would you like to live?

I’d live until I’m 100. So then I could see how much things had changed since I was born. Honestly, that’s the only reason. I wouldn’t want to live any longer than that – my friends & fam would’ve already been passed away; I couldn’t live without company. I would never choose to live forever. Then I’d never go to Heaven- the only place you would ever be truly happy :( Besides – when the world explodes or whatever, what what happen?? Would I just be floating in Space?? No way Jose!  

10 questions is all for now :) Just so you guys know- I probably won’t be on again in a very long time. A few weeks, maybe? I promise no longer than that :) I’m going on vacation tomorrow (oh dang, I need to pack -__-) & I’ll be gone for a week. When I get back it’s going to be all about school – uniforms & supplies. Sadly I won’t be able to post as much when school starts :( But in the meantime, you can watch these awesome videos!! :) I found most of these on StumbleUpon. All of these are amazing! Hope you enjoy them!! 

These are also amazing..:

I found the following on StumbleUpon & I can’t insert them on this page, so just click on the link if you please. All of them are interesting so give them a try! ♥

Water ink! http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/7onzeO

T-shirt wars!! http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/17icr5

Cute ducky~! http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/4CC9jf

Piano stairs- http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1Et5CM   

Your handwriting made into a font! http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/96qfKI    

AMAZING spray painter!~ http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1bY0wP    

Cool water fountain in Japan!! http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/21kU1j   

A new way to paint – http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/6mqavU  

Beautiful how to instructions on how to paint a beautiful forest!~ http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/4tcpmT   

If you want to watch Lion King again, here’s the whole movie haha! http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1gJ8Jj   

I know, I know :p I think this is a really great song! It’s really catchy & it’s one of their new songs. It hasn’t been released it, this is the live version :) 

That’s all for today :) Let me know which video is your favorite! Please note again that I won’t be on in about 1-2 weeks. I better go pack now, so I hope you guys have a great week! I’ll be back soon, I promise :)