Reasons why I LOVE Happy People


Good DAY detectives!

Oh gee, life has been wonderful these past few days.  My first weeks of school have got me thinking about a certain . . . 


(THERE! I said it!) of people that practically ooze sunshine, sing silly songs, and skip wherever they go.  I have just a handful of those people in my life – and 98% of the time, I adore them, and in the other 2%, I am so jealous.

And why do these people make me fume?

Because sometimes I think – how can they be so happy when I’m so tired and I want to just throw tomatoes at everyone who talks to me?  How can they be singing and dancing while I have to keep my mouth shut so I don’t say something I’ll regret? 

But alas – with an exception of those days, I finally started to realize that those annoyingly sweet people are the ones that everyone around them a little happier.  Like yawns, happiness is super contagious. 

I enjoy being around people that are cheerful and friendly as opposed to those who are always wallowing in their problems, and are just so desperate for someone to ask them to homecoming because if no one takes them, they’ll automatically become crazy cat ladies. 

It’s funny, because my most cheerful friend was texting me and here what she said:

I think the people in my speech class are getting used to my weirdness. Or should I say uniqueness!! 

We had to do speeches and I accidentally  got hyper because someone was kind to me and I jumped up and down!! Man . . . it’s a good thing the teacher was nice! I didn’t get in trouble :) There were these two girls and they told me they loved me an I guess that isn’t kind but they said something sweet so all of a sudden my heart was filled because I was happy and then I became hyper lol!!! 

And I started to jump up and down and I even told the teacher I was happy so he gave me a waterbreak lol

You know what they say! If you are happy you cannot suppress it!! (I do not know if people say this or not but it’s true for me) 


Honestly? How can you not love this girl? So back to this main topic. 

I LOVE happy people because they make me happy.   They remind me not to stress out too much.  You know that heavy heart you get when you are absolutely -excuse my language- pissed? Well, compare that feeling with being happy.  Ba da boom.  Congratulations – shoulders =lighter.  Smile = looser.  Heart =soaring. 

They are the type of people I want to be like.  I’ve done so many things I have regretted, and sometimes my actions are tainted with several vices.  Without happy people in the world, I would have no role models and would therefore be a living dead, staring-at-my-shoes zombie or an I-HATE-YOU type of person.  No, just no!

They are fun to be around.  Who in the world wants to hear someone complaining on how their hair looks so oily that day?  And I don’t know about you, but that ONE friend that never wants to try something new always spoils the fun.  Happy people are more likely to be open to the world around them.

They are incredibly easy to approach.  Someone with a scowl glued to their face isn’t going to get any attention from this girl.  Friendly people are more comfortable to be around and they can launch a conversation to new heights. 

So there you go.  If you don’t have any happy people in your life right now, it’s fine!  To solve this problem, just BE that happy person and others will follow.

Thanks for reading!! :) And about my life right now, I have a personal school stalker (that’s been suspended twice) . . . that’s going to be on the bus with me tomorrow when my theater class sees a play. Wish this girl luck. 

Make sure to sing Disney songs in the morning,

kezi (my nickname at school now is Ma kay-kay.  Oh Lord, please give me strength.)

Here’s a happy song for the occasion :) Enjoy! 

And here’s Chris Colfer dancing to the Single Ladies, blowing all the girls in the background out of the water with those hips. Love you guys :D




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