Oh, lovely! :)

Hello cinnamon rolls. (I ate King’s cake for Mardi Gras, which tasted very much like cinnamon rolls)

I have a lot of stuff on my mind, but mostly I’m in that hippie mood again. (No, not the ranting mood like I’ve been in the past blog posts) The type were you just want to run out into the streets wearing 70’s clothes and make a change! WHOO-HOO!

For today’s blog post, I’m posting what would you do questions. 

What would you do if you saw a homeless guy break-dancing in a subway station?

I’d drop everything I had on the floor. Then I’d go up and start “break dancing” with him. WARNING: I have moves such as The grandpa lima bean. (don’t even ask)

What would you do if you had to go to the bathroom, but there was no toilet around?

I’d probably be dead by then.

What would you do if ur friend tells the whole school that you like to sing in ur bedroom w/ a hair brush in front of a mirror?

I’d probably shout, “THIS IS WHO I REALLY AM!!!!!” while climbing up on the cafeteria table, using a carton of chocolate milk as a mic because everyone knows that milk has great audio quality. 

What would you do if you were lent $1,000,000?

I’d wake up.

What would you do if chocolate or any other food you like fell from the sky?

“HEY! This is like Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs!” 

I’d probably go to the owner of this mysterious food machine and stop it before it starts going crazy on us and spitting out food combos like squid filled with cream.

What would you do if ur pants ripped across the butt?

Ha! Been there, done that. I didn’t notice until I got home, after a LONG day of shopping at the mall.

What would you do if someone threw an egg at you in school?

I’d pull it off my face and cook it on the concrete or a hood of a car in the hot Texas sun. Maybe throw in some bacon as well.

What would you do if you found a zebra in ur backyard?

In my mind, I’d be replaying the Lion Theme soundtrack and screaming like a hyena. After naming it, I’d paint myself in black and white stripes and ride it all the way to Cincinnati. 

What would you do if you had a rain cloud over ur head forever?

I’d bottle up the (fresh) water and cry about how my finger look like prunes. (not that’d anyone would be even able to see my tears, of course)


I have to go! My doggie just ate my Rice Krispie wrapper :(    (I’m giving up chocolate for 40 days, ((Lent)) so those things have been tiding me over! 

Cameron Quiseng is sea bass,



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