Conversations~! Memories..

Hello, this is Kezi writing to inform you that:

a) I have not turned into a mermaid

b) I have not been sent to the future

c) I have not been baked into bread (Hansel & Gretel style)

d) I have not been whisked off by fairies to be their queen

e) anything else you may have imagined


:) Wow! Long time no see everyone! ^_^ So sorry for not posting in quite a while :( It’s just that school has been eating up all of my time!! Oh goodness, I’ve been so busy, & to add to that, v-ball is starting next week. I’ll post as much as I can! I really like writing for you guys.

Thankfully, my first day was very smooth!! haha, last year I was a mess. I lost my assignment book on the first day & also forgot to bring my notebook to my classes. Ugh. But it’s all good :) School’s a bit of a toughie this year- I’ve been put into the accelerated Math & English class, & it’s been hard for me, esp. in Math since I’m more of a word person ^_^

I’m also very happy with my new schedule. All of my closest friends & I are all in at least 2 classes together! So fortunate. My best friend & I have been having a blast. We also so happen to carpool to school, & every time we’re riding home we laugh so hard we cry, everyday! It’s so great to have awesome friends. Whoopsies! Sometimes I forget I’m rambling -___- You know what? I was going to just post some quotes today but it’s late & I don’t feel like it :p I’ll just talk about my day. Now that I think of it, I’ve never actually done this before. Just written about my day. I’ve always written about something I wanted to share. Wow. Anyways.. 

My friends & I have the weirdest conversations. Today it went a  bit like this.. :

We had to do a skit for science with our station & demonstrate one of the safety rules. I was of course sitting with my friends, (our teacher was kind enough not to separate  us) & so we were thinking of what to do… BTW, not using their real names :p

This was when we were looking over the sheet to choose with guideline we wanted to demonstrate.

Miyu: So what do you guys want to do?

Me: Hm, I’m not sure.

Lulu: Let’s do the one with that said no running with sharp objects in the lab!!

Me: Yeah! Then we can have Miyu running with scissors & have her stab Ama!

Miyu: WHY ME??

Later we decide not to do that one. lol.

Ama: Why don’t we do wafting?

Lulu: YES!!! We can go to the mountains and eat mushrooms!!!

ALL except Lulu:  …. um…

Miyu: What?? Why would we be in the mountains??

Lulu: I don’t know… maybe some day… *says dreamily*

LATER. It took us a while to figure out what to do.

We finally decide that Miyu, Ama & I are sitting down, ‘wafting’ from a test tube. Lulu will interrupt & randomly say : “CAUTION CAUTION!” & add a few other things.. that sound scientific. Lulu is very energetic & animated, so she makes it so it’s not boring.

Miyu comes up to me later: Kezi! Kezi! I know what we should do! It’d be so funny if I caught on fire!!

Me: What does you mean..??

Miyu: Like after I fall out of the chair, I’ll catch on fire!

Me: OHH!! Yes, that would be really funny!!! Like I’ll be so startled you fainted I accidently spill chemicals on you by an open flame & you catch on fire!! 

We both crack up laughing. We’re crazy. I know.

Later I say..

Me: Then you could have a seizure! 

We both crack up laughing again. 

It was a very fun skit though, although we didn’t do the whole ‘fire’ thing, it was still hilarious. All I can say is.. good thing our science teacher is very lenient! 

Another one today, or yesterday, honestly all the days are blending together :p This was at lunch. 

Me (to Nicole & Lulu) : Would you rather have a little brother, a little sis, an older sister or an older brother? 

Nicole: I can’t choose. Maybe a younger brother.

Lulu: Hmm.. I don’t know!!!

Then I don’t remember the rest of our conversation, but then we were talking about something about little kids and then..

LULU: Yes, but the parents can decide the birth of their child.

Me: What??!! No they can’t!!

Lulu: Yes they can!! Well, at least the dad can. 

Nicole: *laughing* what do you mean?? They can’t say.. I want a girl & get a girl!!

Me: Miyu! Lulu said that the parents can choose the gender of their child!!! 

Miyu: What??? Lulu! 

Lulu: Wait let me explain! The dad can choose if he give the mom an X or Y chromosome! 

Me, Nicole, Miyu: What are you talking about???!! 

*Ama is laughing in the background*

Nicole: No he can’t!!

Lulu: Yes he can, because it’s his body!!! 

Me thinking..: What in the world..??!

Then Lulu tells us about like, human reproduction & everything we learned in science  -___-

Me: Ugh, this is a gross topic. I’m trying to eat.

Then all of a sudden Nicole starts laughing for a long time. 

Miyu: Lulu, still, the dad can’t choose whether he gets a boy or a girl!!!

Lulu: I never said that!!!


Me: Um, what?

Lulu: I never said that he could choose!!

Miyu: But you just said…

Lulu: No I didn’t. 

Me: So you believe that the dad can’t choose what child he gets?

Lulu: Yeah, exactly!!

We’re all really shocked about this. But Lulu is like this, so we’re all used to it :) haha, it was hilarious. And just so ya know, we weren’t talking like we were angry :) We have random debates all the time. 


:) Sorry if you didn’t find this post interesting. But I really like the conversations I have with my friends, they’re just so random! I think I’ll post some more conversations later, just to be easy on the eyes :) Especially ones with Lulu. Haha, Lulu makes things so much funnier ♥ She really very nice, like the nicest person I know. Wow. Better wrap it up. I’ll post again tom! Bye!! :)


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