Has this ever happened to you..?

Good afternoon, everyone~! (or good morning, or good evening :p) A couple of odd things have happened to me & I’m wondering if I’m the only one :( I’m just interested in your responses :) All of these have sadly happened to me :p

1) Have you ever jumped out of your skin when your toast popped out of the toaster?? :(

2) Have you ever tripped while going UP the stairs? (I’m a clutz)

3) Have you ever found spiders (or any other insects) in your bed?? I’ve found several :p

4) Sports players- have you been thumped on the head (with any kind of ball) & actually scored a point for the team?? (funny story..)

5) Can you guys control yourself in your dreams? I think it’s called lucid dreaming..

6) Have you even been so in love/obsessed with a celeb (or a real person) that you can’t stop thinking about them – if someone says their favorite color you think of them, if you eat their fav food you think of them :p #porterdisorder :p

7) Have you accidentally walked into the wrong bathroom before? :(

8) Have you seen someone ELSE of the opposite gender enter your bathroom?? And they see the women there but they still don’t do anything?? And then have a group of Amish women enter the bathroom, place down a stereo with folk songs & start dancing, right in the middle of the restroom?? (beat that XD) 

9) Have you made a bunch of unnecessary websites, named them & never come back to them again?  

10) Do you have a hard time letting go of stuff you have when you were little? :(

11) Am I the only one that doesn’t like pickles??! 

12) Do you use a lot of smiley faces when you talk on the computer? (geez, just look above) -strains not to do a sticking out tongue face-

While you guys ponder about that.. please take the time to visit me on tumblr! Yup, I got a tumblr. My original plan for this blog was to use tumblr instead of wordpress, but it was too complicated for me :) I’m very glad I made a wordpress-I like this site better than my tumblr :p Now I’ve got it all figured out though~! It’s called: http://parasolrose.tumblr.com/ & if you wanna ask me questions on there (it really doesn’t matter at all to me what questions you want to ask, I’ll answer them. No limits! ^__^ ) Of course I’m still doing this blog (because I love you guys too much >__< ) so stay tuned! :)

By the way, please enjoy these highly entertaining videos of my fav band ASW :) I know you don’t know them, & it would be awkward to watch videos of people you’ve never even heard of before, but I promise you you’ll fall in love with them! Haha, thanks for putting up with me :p

Ok this vid below is SO hilarious you don’t even have to know Mikey to watch it!!! 

If you watched the video above, you HAVE to watch this video! It’s Zach’s imitation of Mikey (the guy that was talking above) hahaha it’s hilarious ♥

You bet there’s much more where that came from o__o Again, thanks for dealing with me & I love you guys! :) I’ll post something fun tomorrow! :)


2 thoughts on “Has this ever happened to you..?

  1. Hahaha…
    1. Only every day.
    2. Well… only every day! :P
    3. Yep. Sadly, often. My room is the spider room. :(
    4. PE. Bad memory. Or memories… i’ve been hit too many times. :P
    5. Most of the time.
    6. Um. yeah. Kerli. Not in love, but obsessed. Whenever someone says curly I always attomatically think Kerli. :P
    7. No. But I have been pushed into the wrong one.
    8. Can’t say I have.
    9. Soooo many!
    10. Hahaha actually today we were getting stuff for our yard sell and I couldn’t let go of some stuff.
    11. I hate pickles.
    12. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


  2. Hahaha those videos are hilarious. xD
    Okay, here’s my answers to the questions:
    1- YES.

    2- Yes ;D

    3- Sadly, yes. =[

    4- No, haha.

    5- Sometimes

    6- Not realllyy. :/

    7- Probably.

    8- Yes, no, and no, though the last one sounds like quite the experience. :D

    9- Mayybeee. *looks around innocently*

    10- Yeahh…

    11- I don’t like pickles at all. And it annoys me if they come with a meal and they’re touching my food. I have to eat around that area. :P

    12- This is kind of awkward. Um, yes. I use smileys very often.

    I’ll check out your tumblr once I post this! =D


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